Edgy Website has Great Message But Owes Viewers More Content

The website israpefunny.com provides various responses to simply and directly send the same message: Rape is NOT funny.

As far as shock value goes, this website offers that, which at least captures the viewer’s attention for a moment. This however presents the opportunity to offer educational material, which is a vital component to prevention of sexual violence. The website tell us that sexual violence is absolutely not a humorous topic, but it does it in such a blunt way that I worry it may actually turn people away from further thinking about or discussing the topic. It has to invite us to further explore the reasons why sexual violence is not funny and why it is important that we take action of some kind.

The website does include ‘Resources list TBA,’ so hopefully those resources will be helpful and soon added. I would like to see a discussion forum offered here to at least create an environment for people to share their reactions to the website. What would you like to see added this website? Do you think it is appropriate in efforts to stop sexual violence?