My Stories: Debbie O’Dowd Michard

Read Debbie O’Dowd Michard’s brave account of her brutal attack, prosecution attempts and survival.

I was brutally attacked and beaten in Aurora,Colorado on March 14,1985. in back of the Cooper movie theater by a guy Greg Gregerson I had met and danced with at the Iliff Park Saloon. He insisted on giving me a ride home. I lived not far away in the Countryside apartments. I was going back Home to Fla after breaking up with my boyfriend. He pulled in back of the movie theater locked the car doors and started beating me. I somehow unlocked the doors and RAN as fast as I could. He caught me, beat me intensely banging my head on the ground making me have oral sex with him – ripped my shirt and pulled my jeans down. I said please don’t kill me My Mother will never understand and for a minute he stopped and I kicked him with my boot then he beat me more and pulled my jeans off I ran again when i got free and a miracle happened a police car was in the parking lot. Naked and soaked in blood but ALIVE Officer Dana Hatfield saved My life. He was brand new to the Police force and this scum of the earth Evil Monster got away but I survived. At the hospital,the rape crisis people were horrible but when I was leaving Officer Hatfield came to check on me and promised me he would find Him. I was released later with a concussion and multiple abrasions,black and blue face and body but ALIVE. I remembered then how lucky I was. The next day the TERROR set in. I couldn’t even open the blinds and look outside I was so SCARED. I left for home a few days later and was contacted by the detective in charge soon after they had found him and wanted me to come back to prosecute him. The DA was great and when I saw the photos of me I cried I looked dead,She told me he was on parole for rape from Michigan and she thought he intended to rape and kill me. I went back to court reluctantly and reunited with my boyfriend. It was TRUE HORROR to have to identify him and be in a courtroom near this maniac! I left and moved ot of state before the next court date and never continued with the prosecution. He told me he was in my apartment before it happened and it HAUNTED ME! I regret so much I didn’t have the support I Needed. I kept what was left of my clothes I was wearing for years and threw them away before DNA was used. I just buried it all inside and thought it would go away but it never will! I got a strange phone message with music years ago and knew it was him. I contacted Officer Hatfield when my first Grand Daughter was born to thank him for saving my life and he told me he was a sergeant and specialized in Sexual Abuse and Crime because of me and trained new officers and talked about what happened to Me. I was 25 on that horrible night, I am 52 now, married to a great man I love, have two beautiful daughters and two little grand daughters and a new grand son that Nana loves so much! I am Truly One Of The Lucky Ones Who Survived! I do want to say I want my police report and evidence. I asked Officer Hatfield to send me it and contacted the Police Department who said it was in the archives and I had to request and pay for it. I still live in fear that little young terrified woman will be forever inside me and I want to know where this monster is and I urge all Survivors and Assaulted to PLEASE PROSECUTE THEM! THERE IS SUPPORT AND STRENGTH TOGETHER NOW. THANK YOU IT FEELS GOOD TO TELL THE TRUTH AND LET IT OUT!!