The Binding Project at Pace University!

The Binding Project at Pace University!

PACE Binding Project 1A wonderful report on the Binding Project from PACE University Students:

Pace University- Binding Project, 2/22 & 2/29
Kessel Student Center

“Students [at PACE University] took action by participating in the binding project to spread awareness about violence perpetrated against men and women.

The binding project is a project that’s a part of Angela Rose’s non-profit organization, PAVE. We use this project as a platform to share her story about how she turned her experience as a survivor of sexual violence, into activism. Angela speaks out about sexual violence and the way in which it affects victims worldwide. Students wrote words that they felt like empowered them, on a zip tie. They wore the ties for two days in unity, for the same amount of time that Angela was tied using the material, when she was kidnapped at age 17.”

Check out these great pics from the event!

PACE Binding Project 3PACE Binding Project 5

Interested in doing the binding project on your campus or in your community? If so, read more about the binding project here, or click here to purchase now.