Mother Indicted for Raping Her Own Children

I recently came across a story that blew my mind! As we all know rapists come in all forms, shapes, sizes, backgrounds and genders. Even though we all know this we oftentimes do not stop and think about it. I came across the story of a 50 year old mother who raped and sexually assaulted her two children. It took the children 10 years to come forward and when they finally did authorities took quick and drastic action. The woman was indicted on 38 charges of sexual abuse and incest.

Once the children came forward, two other individuals came forward as well. This woman took her right as a mother and threw it out the window. Parents and adults in general have a certain level of protection towards children whether it be our own or just a child passing by. To sexually abuse any child is a horrible crime but for someone to do it to their own children is a travesty.

Though this story is detrimental to anyone who reads it, there is a positive light. Not only does it show the strength and courage that these children have to come through this and do what is right even though it is their mother, it is also a reflection on the authorities taking charge. The DA that indicted this woman and the police investigating this case left no stone unturned. This is the type of action that needs to be taken with all cases; man, woman or child.

By: Ashten Meadows