Sexual Abuse Prevention – Erin’s Law

Sexual Abuse Prevention – Erin’s Law

Pictured above: PAVE Founder Angela Rose & PAVE Ambassadors Taylor, Erin Merryn, Johnna Janis, and Sarah Rice from MTV.

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Councilman Dee Andrews Joined Nationally Known Activists for Prevention of Sexual Abuse

LONG BEACH, CA – Two nationally recognized and outspoken survivors of sexual abuse joined
local Long Beach and Signal Hill leaders today Friday March 1st at the Boardroom Long Beach
Memorial Hospital 2801 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach. Angela Rose, Founder and Executive Director of the national nonprofit Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE), and PAVE Ambassador and Glamour Magazine 2012 Woman of the Year Erin Merryn, who were invited by Long Beach Councilman Dee Andrews of the Sixth District, are both outspoken survivors of sexual abuse and travel the country shattering the silence and working to prevent sexual violence.

According to the US Department of Justice, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused. The pervasiveness coupled with the silence and shame surrounding these crimes continue to fuel this public health crisis. Many survivors of sexual abuse experience psychological and physical trauma, which not only creates cycles of violence, but is also extremely costly to tax payers. A study from the US Department of Justice found the cost of crime to victims is an estimated $450 billion a year when factors such as medical costs, lost earnings, pain, suffering, and lost quality of life are considered. Rape is the most costly to its victims, totaling a cost of $127 billion a year. Childhood sexual abuse is also a major risk factor for human sex trafficking and exploitation.

Key strategies for prevention and early intervention will be highlighted at this press event,
including Erin’s Law, created by Erin Merryn, which teaches children the difference of safe/unsafe touching along with safe/unsafe secrets. Erin’s Law has been enacted by the legislatures in five states with numerous other states’ lawmakers focused on enacting this important legislation, realizing that as a society, we must teach and empower our children.

Citing recent headlines such as the Sandusky, Los Angeles Unified School District, Boy Scouts, and Catholic Church incidents, Rose and Merryn jointly said “We have an obligation to protect our children with laws and policy that will empower our children and hold people accountable. We appreciate that Councilman Andrews took a leadership role as he knows sex abuse affects many in his district. He brought people together today so all of us can help victims shatter the silence. We need more leaders like the Councilman so our children are better protected. ”

Following the news conference, a luncheon open to the media will be held in the same location. Erin Merryn will present firsthand the discussions she had at The Winter Conference of the National Governor’s Association, as well as tangible tips for parents, teachers, and lawmakers that will help to protect our children. Merryn will be speaking this March at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s national conference, Safe to Compete: Protecting Child Athletes from Sexual Abuse.