Action Alert! College Professor who Violated Sexual Harassment Policies

Students Demand that a College Professor who Violated Sexual Harassment Policies Not Teach This Fall ACTION ALERT: Click Here! RALLY, Sept 10: Join Wendy Wyler on the campus of Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU). Wendy Wyler will be speaking out in an on campus rally this coming week, September 10th, 2o13 at 1pm in front of Adanti

Over 45, Sharing My Story

I am 57 and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I rarely divulge details but I will a little more here. Starting from age 14 months (yes MONTHS) until I was 16 I was beaten, burned, drugged, raped and sold. I had a forced illegal abortion when I was 13. Both my parents knew about

The Reauthorization of VAWA

The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act: Important Developments For The Violence Against Women Movement, In Time For A Pivotal Anniversary The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act, also known as Campus SaVE, is legislation passed in 2013 that strives to strengthen campus security in regard to sexual assault by encouraging reporting, expanding prevention and bystander intervention

Underreporting of Rape in Minority Communities

  Every year in the United States, there are about 207, 754 victims of sexual assault. 97% of rapists will never spend one day in jail. 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men have experienced a sexual assault in their lifetime. Every 2 minutes, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted. These

Comprehensive Sex Education as a Sexual Assault Prevention Tool

    Comprehensive sex education is often overlooked as a feasible sexual assault prevention tool. Whenever educating against any kinds of negative or harmful behaviors, it’s important to provide examples of a healthy alternative. For example, when teaching nutrition, we would only paint half a portrait if we simply told people not to overindulge in

Campus Sexual Assault Petition to US Dept of Ed

Department of Education: Hold colleges accountable that break the law by refusing to protect students from sexual assault Colleges and universities across the country are failing live up to their legal responsibilities to combat sexual violence and support survivors. Although the Department of Education (ED) is charged with enforcing relevant laws like Title IX, its

Travesty of Justice for Clergy Sexual Abuse Victims

Millstone Memorial, the nation’s first memorial in remembrance of clergy sex abuse survivors which was destroyed by a vandal for the second time in less than two years. PAVE Founder Angela Rose spoke at the rededication ceremony. Media links: – Memorial to child victims of church sex abuse, destroyed twice, to be rededicated Sunday Daily

Art for Awareness

IDEA FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT AWARENESS MONTH…Arts for Awareness! Celebrities, musicians, poets and artists came together to lend their talent to shatter the silence of sexual violence at a multimedia event at the Red Bull Space in Soho produced by Rusted Blue Entertainment. Hundreds of participants enjoyed live performances, fine art silent auction, celebrity appearances including