Consent Is Campaign

Order your Consent Is wristbands for yourself or in bulk to start a consent campaign at your school! President Obama said this in response to the PAVE consent national movement: I’ll say this. If you give a woman — or a man, for that matter — without his or her knowledge a drug, and then

PAVE Ambassador Erin Merryn on TLC!

We are so proud of PAVE Ambassador Erin Merryn! Tune into TLC this Sunday, August 30 10/9CST. Please watch and then share. Help us ‪#‎breakthesilence‬ to child sexual abuse. It is time to end the silence, educate kids, and put sex offenders out of business. ACTION ALERT: Take Action to Be the Voice for Erin’s Law!

How to talk about consent

Many recent news stories including Jared from Subway, the St Paul rape trial, and the Duggars have brought to light the vast importance of educating our children about sexual assault prevention. Here are some 3 tips…. 1. Watch this video about consent and tea: 2. Read PAVE Founder’s article on CNN Headline News about talking


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Women in Hollywood

Women in Hollywood Paving The Way Pioneered by PAVE Ambassador Barbara Bowman, Women in Hollywood Paving The Way works to educate and empower the entertainment industry to shatter the silence and prevent sexual violence. The Board of Directors include Dr. Cheryl Arutt and Dr. Michelle Golland. The inaugural event took place in Los Angeles in April, which

Santa Barbara DA’s Office Honors PAVE Ambassador Delaney Henderson

To commemorate Crime Victim’s Rights Week, PAVE Ambassador Delaney Henderson was given the Citizen of Courage Award by the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office. Click HERE to read the article. Honored for her sexual assault prevention advocacy work, Henderson notes “I didn’t want to be in the spotlight,” she said, “but someone had to speak up. It’

PAVE Ambassador Johnna Janis Premiering her Film at the 2015 Bare Bones International Music & Film Festival

TRIGGER WARNING for Childhood Sexual Abuse Johnna Janis is a PAVE Ambassador and the Executive Producer of INVISIBLE SCARS: a feature documentary that explores hope, healing, and resilience through the eyes of one woman who was sexually abused by her father. The film is premiering on April 12th at the 2015 Bare Bones International Music

Update! Win for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors: Petition to Tell FratPAC to Change their Sexual Assault Legislative Agenda Successful!

UPDATE: FratPAC, the NIC, and the NPC (making up the FGRC) have decided to no longer lobby for any legislation on sexual assault this April. Thank you all for your support! Please read this message from PAVE Ambassador Julia Dixon and Matt Leibowitz from Consent is So Frat: Recently we learned that FratPAC, the NIC, and the NPC (making

PAVE Partners with IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan for Summit on Campus Sexual Violence

On March 23rd and again in April, Attorney General Lisa Madigan convened a summit to address campus sexual violence and announced new legislation to strengthen responsiveness to incidents at Illinois colleges and universities to ensure a safe environment for students and a timely process to respond to and investigate allegations of sexual violence. PAVE Ambassador