PAVE Welcomes Alex Prout to the Board of Directors

We can never erase what happened to our daughter but we can pour every ounce of our energy into preventing other young people from rape and sexual assault.  Sending your child to boarding school, summer camp, or even to college, should not be a dangerous decision. -Alex Prout Alexander Prout has served as the Managing Director

The Silence Is Over

 The Silence Is Over: A Journey of Empowerment from Survivors of Sexual Abuses Submission Deadline:  May 15th, 2017 Sexual assault and abuse are traumatic experiences that cross political lines, country lines and gender lines. It’s a trauma no one should have to experience, but many all over the world do. And for those who have felt

Jean’s Two Year Survivor-versary

I decided not to be silent with my story, because the pain I felt could empower another.  Art for me has always been a coping mechanism, and I hope you can share in my pain, and my triumph today. I am forever grateful for PAVE, and excited to see the lives I can change with them by my side.

Trigger Warning: *sexual assault *eating disorders *suicide

Two years ago today, a high school junior named Jean was sexually assaulted and she felt powerless. She took her power back and used a photo project to help her heal on this two year “survivor-versary”.

Below is a series of photographs that depict my two year life journey. Two years ago, my power was stolen when I was sexually assaulted by a boy I was dating at the time. The pain from the assault was painful, but the aftermath left me begging for it all to end. The 3 painful weeks before I reported it, I felt numb and lifeless, but what was in store was even worse. After I reported, I was blamed by the police, and made to feel as if I was the criminal.

To make matters worse I was tormented at school for reporting and not protected from my perpetrator. I was forced to encounter him every day. I suffered from panic attacks, a eating disorder, and self harm addiction as a mechanism to attempt to control my pain. I had also attempted to take my own life several times. Even a year after my assault, the tormenting continued. A student at school had threatened my life and I had been threatened to be “raped” again. I felt unsafe and terrified. The school had referred to everything as a “misunderstanding” and failed to protect me and meet my needs. My life felt hopeless and my happiness had vanished.

Everything changed, when one day I felt power within, and knew something had to change. I researched an organization and was connected with a survivor named Delaney Henderson, who also connected me with her organization PAVE, and the founder Angela Rose. Together they fought for me endlessly and I was able leave my school and graduate. For the first time, in years I felt loved and was able to find my purpose. I decided not to be silent with my story, because the pain I felt could empower another. The support and friendship I have been given by Delaney and Angela, and other survivors I have been connected with, has been major stepping stones to my healing process. I still struggle but, to have other survivors understand my pain and struggles has allowed me to take my life back.

Two years later, I have decided to take the power that was taken from me back and share my story through photography. Art for me has always been a coping mechanism, and I hope you can share in my pain, and my triumph today. I am forever grateful for PAVE, and excited to see the lives I can change with them by my side. The pain I felt was immense but, the power we can form together is unbreakable.

Stay Strong. Love always, Jean xoxo 

Photo Credit: Delaney Henderson, Jenna Labbadia & Selena Baumgardner













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Changing Campus Culture Student Summit: PAVE’s Julia Dixon Presents Keynote Address to over 300

PAVE was proud to support the efforts of the Ohio Department of Higher Education for the Changing Campus Culture Student Summit. PAVE’s Julia Dixon presented the keynote address in the morning to more than 300 students and Title IX coordinators to the first-ever student summit dedicated to discussing ways to empower students to end sexual violence

PAVE Ambassador Chessy Prout at Yale Law School

Last summer, the “St Paul’s Rape Case” prompted an important conversation about sexual assault and bullying in high school. Chessy, the high school survivor in the case, bravely decided to come forward and shatter the silence on the Today Show at the beginning of this school year and launch the #IHaveTheRightTo initiative with PAVE.  Chessy Prout, PAVE Ambassador, wants

Help PAVE The Way: Preventing Sexual Assault in HS

PAVE brought together four courageous and outspoken survivors who were sexually assaulted in high school and bullied by classmates after their trauma. The convergence of these teen victims and their moms – several of whom have been featured on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and 48 Hours – provided tangible tips around the complex issue of prevention in schools,

PAVE Community Action Kits

Click here – Donate $50 plus shipping to PAVE for your Community Action Kit Contains: 1 Set #ConsentIs 11×17 Posters (5 Designs = 5 essentials of Consent) – See video below 30 #ConsentIs Wrist Bands (for guys and girls) with 30 pamphlets educating on consent 1 Title IX Factsheet 50 Cards: How to Support a Survivor +

Support for Survivors – State by State Resources

From anywhere in the U.S. call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1.800.656.HOPE(4673) Alabama Coalition Against Rape Montgomery, AL 334.264.0123 Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault (ANDVSA) Juneau, AK 907.586.3650 Arizona Sexual Assault Network (AzSAN) Phoenix, AZ Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault Fayetteville, AR 501.246.3276 CALCASA Rape Prevention Resource Center Sacramento, CA 916.446.2520 Colorado