Educational Outreach Efforts


Peer and Youth Education

PAVE believes strongly in the education of our young people on issues of violence both sexual and domestic. We have created workshops and campaigns tailored for various age groups from teen to college students.


Sexual Violence Prevention
to Military Professionals

“I liked the honesty with which the information was presented and the efficiency of the presentation. Also, I have experienced the effects of sexual violence in my family. Very Relevant! No improvement needed, very well done. It’s great to see a positive briefing on such a sensitive subject. Thank you.”Comment received after speech at Ellsworth Airforce Base


Library Series:
Transition to Survivor Documentary DVD

PAVE released a powerful documentary titled Transition to Survivor that features sexual assault survivors who tell emotional stories about their personal experiences, from reporting the crime to dealing with the aftermath of the violence. This has been used by the military for sexual assault prevention.


Sexual and Dating Violence:
It Can Happen to You CD ROM

This comprehensive broadcast quality interactive CD ROM titled Sexual and Dating Violence: It Can Happen to You was created to provide awareness and allow educated discussion about sexual assault and dating violence. It contains realistic situations, valuable expert advice, innovative awareness training and is designed to be practical as well as informative. Sexual and Dating Violence: It Can Happen to you is available for purchase online and serves as a great resource for young adults.