International Presence

International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma

PAVE has collaborated with the International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma (IVAT) for the past four years. The IVAT is a premiere, cost-effective, multidisciplinary conference that brings over 1,500 people and agencies together to make a significant positive impact on creating violence-free and abuse-free homes, communities, and societies. Click here to learn more about IVAT.


Bahamas No Excuse for Abuse

PAVE led a four day educational initiative in the Bahamas that educated youth and community members about sexual abuse in the campaign “No Excuse for Abuse.” It included a national conference, youth programming and an outdoor community festival.  ZNS News Television in Bahamas reporting on PAVE\’s work there.


Canadian Connections

PAVE has worked in several Canadian provinces, including Ontario and Quebec. PAVE’s efforts have been featured several times on Canadian media, including local news and radio thanks to the dedication of Vanessa Kennedy, a Canadian PAVE member.


Women’s World Conference

PAVE is supporting the “Women’s World Conference: Sophia, Women and Wisdom,” (SWWC) to take place in Sofia, Bulgaria on May 25-29, 2010. This conference builds on the United Nations’ four World Conferences on Women and the UN Platform for Action Declaration-Beijing 1995. The conferences and the Platform for Action have created a worldwide women’s movement to advance the status of women and girls. It includes a vast network of millions of people engaged in human rights, fundamental freedoms and social development.


Violence Against Women in Uganda

PAVE explored the extensive violence against women in Uganda by partnering with Invisible Conflicts and featuring Caroline Akweyo, a survivor of the sexual violence that occurs in northern Uganda. Women are given to commanders of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) as wives when they hit puberty, and most commanders have many young wives. These women face harsh punishment for disobeying their husbands in these arranged marriages. If a woman complains, her lips are cut off. If a woman tells the location of the LRA to the government, her nose and ears are cut off. At the age of 17, Caroline was abducted by the LRA for six months before escaping. She now serves as a voice for the women who cannot speak up about the violence in northern Uganda.