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Executive Staff:


Angela Rose

Founder & Executive Director

In response to her abduction and sexual assault Angela Rose turned a suburban community into a group of proactive citizens at the age of seventeen. After banning together with her perpetrator’s other victims and their families, Angela spearheaded the movement that culminated with the passage of the 1998 Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act in Illinois. This act enables the State to hold a sexually violent person in custody under psychiatric care if the person has been convicted of a previous sexually violent offense, exhibits a mental disorder and is seen as a threat. Nearly 200 convicted sex offenders have been committed as Sexually Violent Persons in Illinois since 1998.

As a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Angela began to intimately understand how silence cloaks the prevalence of sexual assault. Instead of retreating in the face of adversity, Angela rose to the challenge to voice what is often left unsaid. In 2000, the UW Associated Students of Madison appointed Angela Campus Safety Coordinator.

Empowered by her experiences on campus, Angela founded PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment) in 2001 – a community-based organization that uses social, educational and legislative tactics to shatter the silence of sexual violence. That same year, Angela was appointed the UW Women’s Issues Diversity Liaison, where she successfully initiated a dialogue on sexual assault within diverse cultural communities. In 2001, Angela was elected the President of the WI Chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Through PAVE, Angela has trained thousands in sexual assault prevention, produced a documentary entitled “Transition to Survivor” and founded Men Opposing Sexual Assault, a student group that highlights the importance of men in the anti-sexual assault movement.

In 2009, Angela was elected as an Executive Committee member of the NPEIV: National Partnership to End Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan. NPEIV is an overarching network of state, regional, and national organizations, agencies, and coalitions that embraces a multi-disciplinary and multicultural commitment to violence prevention across the lifespan. The organization is committed to reducing interpersonal violence and its consequences by linking science, practice, policy, and advocacy.

Now a non-profit with over 35 chapters and affiliates, PAVE is committed to ending sexual violence through education and empowerment.  Angela continues to serve as the organization’s Executive Director, and she inspires others to join the movement to end sexual assault by traveling the country and abroad. Audiences across the country have benefited from her passion, her experience, and her ability to turn tragedy into community action.

She has been awarded many accolades for her work including “Forward Under 40” by her alma mater University of Wisconsin-Madison, “The Inspiration Award” from Today’s Chicago Woman magazine, and the “Promise Award” from the YWCA.

Meghana Kulkarni – Outreach Director


Volunteer Staff

Malissa Davis

Administrative Director

Malissa was a co-worker with Angela Rose when she learned about Roses’ abduction and assault. In support, Malissa attended the sentencing of the perpetrator in Roses’ case. Sitting with the perpetrator’s previous victims and seeing Angela’s passion and activism, Malissa decided to get involved in the movement to end sexual violence. Malissa avidly tracks coverage of sexual assault cases and PAVE’s education and activism in the media.   She helps manage the numerous interns and works with the different social media outlets for PAVE.  She previously volunteered with with WEAVE (Women Escaping a Violent Environment), and currently works as a photographer in Sacramento, California.


J.R. Spencer

Director of Technology

J.R. Spencer is a technologist, social media expert, and entrepreneur with an extensive background in Internet and enterprise technology having worked at Yahoo, Kintera, IBM, Oracle and several technology startups. Additionally, J.R is equally passionate about helping to make the world a better place and believes passionately in the power and effectiveness that technology can have in transforming the lives of people by providing them tools and platforms to work, organize, and educate themselves.

PAVE is Recruiting!

Development Volunteer Director

Pave is recruiting to fill the position of our development director. Do you have ample fundraising experience in the sexual violence field? If so, please contact our Administrative Director at to state your interest in applying.


PAVE’s Fabulous Interns!


Ashten Meadows

Website, Blog contribution, data entry


Alex Lating

Social Media, Blog contribution

Megan Patel

Finance and strategic planning

Sarah La Morte

Public Relations

Miriam Kahn

Social Media/Blog contribution

Rashonda Dickens

Social Media

Tyeshia Davis

LGTBQ Curriculum




Katie is finishing her Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion at Portland State University, and is working with PAVE to fulfill her Field Placement requirement. She is passionate about helping youth and young adults cultivate healthy sexuality and healthy relationships. Katie plans to continue working in sexual violence prevention and sex education when she is finished with her program. She is excited about her work with PAVE, and will be creating a PAVE chapter at PSU and building an updated sexual violence prevention curriculum.