PAVE Ambassadors

bowmanBarbara Bowman

Featured in National Media including Washington Post – click here.



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Delaney Henderson

Featured in National Media including CBS 48 Hours – click here.





Ashley Bradarich

Miss Illinois USA 2010

Ashley has supported several PAVE events in IL including Fear No Fashion.


Luis A. Bolaños

Director of Operations, Get BIT Investigations

Luis A. Bolaños formed the Bolaños Investigations Team in May of 2007 following a long and distinguished career in law enforcement.Luis’s career has spanned almost 30 years, working for and with, the Riverside County Sheriffs Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, the Drug Enforcement Administration,  The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, and continuing on with his Investigations and Security Firm.  He specialized in major narcotic and high profile homicide/violent crime investigations.  Luis has developed an expertise in getting the voices of victim’s heard by those that can make a positive difference.

With a background in Advanced Surveillance Techniques, Tactical Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Major Event Management, Kidnapping and Extortion, Threat Assessment and Force Protection, Luis has over thirty years of law enforcement and security experience. His national reputation gives him access to the most elite retired and off-duty police personnel domestically and internationally.

Luis also formed an expertise in large scale state and federal wiretap investigations related to RICO and Drug Trafficing organizations. This expertise earned him the right and privilege to testify as anexpert witness in Superior and Federal Courts on hundreds of occasions.

During his career with the Riverside County District Attorney’s office, Luis was honored with nominations for “Riverside County District Attorney’s Investigator of the Year” and “California Latino Investigator of the year.” Luis also received a nomination from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department for “Case of the Year” for the California Narcotics Officers Association, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Departments for “Latino Investigator of the year.” Luis credits his success to the “strong ethical passion and desire to succeed” he and his teams have demonstrated throughout their careers.


Leandra Pepper for Ambassador Page

Pepper Miller

Outspoken Survivor and Activist




Marnie Goodfriend

Public speaker and artist.

For over a decade Marnie has been involved with RAINN’s (Rape Abuse And Incest National Network) and Mount Sinai’s Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Speaker’s Bureaus, a board member of Stars Survivors (Sisters Together Assisting Rape Survivors), and a friend of Male Survivor, The JoyfulHeart Foundation, NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, Safety On Campus, Natasha’s Justice Project, and IMPACT Personal Safety. She recently coached ABC’s “Private Practice” actress KaDee Strickland on a multi-episode rape story line that won 2011 PRISM and NAACP awards. Media includesVariety Magazine, Jezebel, The Daily Beast, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Tonight, TV Guide, Marie Claire, and Inside Edition.

Marnie currently resides in the canyon below the Hollywood sign with her writer/director husband and BullPei rescue Dempsey. When she is not speaking, she is working on editorial shoots, couples in love and portrait commissions.


Wanda Colon

TV Personality and Designer: HGTV’s “24 Hour Design”
and TLC’s “Home Made Simple”

Wanda was the emcee of PAVE’s red carpet event in Los Angeles



Steve Connell

World renowned poet seen on MTV, HBO and BET

Steve has performed at several PAVE events and he created a cd of poetry based on PAVE’s work called “Angel Rising” Click here to purchase.


Johanna JanisJohnna Janis

Survivor, Advocate, Mother, Athlete and Producer of Invisible Scars

‘Invisible Scars’ is a woman’s story of hope, healing, and resiliency. During this inspirational journey, she reveals the invisible scars that have negatively impacted her throughout her life. Like many other women and men, she was sexually abused by people she trusted. On the outside she is a mother, daughter, wife, and friend who appears strong and confident. She is a full time student who spends most of her free time competing in triathlon competitions, and trains for hours, days, weeks and months to prove to herself she is as good as the rest of her competitors. However, on the inside she has struggled with acknowledging and accepting the ugly and shameful truths of her past that have haunted her for most of her life.

In August of 2010, Johnna’s strong exterior was crushed by a car accident that left her permanently damaged and unable to compete as a triathlete. In order to heal herself physically she also needed to come to terms with healing herself emotionally.  In this story we witness her journey of self-discovery through therapy, meeting other survivors, as an ambassador of PAVE, as a wife and mother, and as a self-proclaimed athlete.

This is my life, and I deserve whatever I seek to do in this world to find my peace and happiness. If I want something, I need to go after it. No matter what has happened in my past, I will not only continue to survive, but also to thrive. I am beating the odds, and changing the statistics. I know who I am now, and I love that person. I am living in the present and planning for an incredible future, one day at a time!”

-Johnna Janis



Jenner Evans

Actress/Model/Comedian who has appeared on shows on E! and Lifetime

Jenner has been an avid PAVE supporter for years and has participated in many events such as hosting the red carpet for Fear No Fashion in Chicago.




Steve Kardian

An expert on issues of women’s safety and a national media consultant

Steve Kardian has worked with PAVE on media outlets such as CNN and Fox’s Mike Huckabee Show: Click here to see a news clip of Steve and PAVE Founder Angela Rose.



Erin Merryn

Author/Activist/Speaker and recently seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show

Erin Merryn has worked with PAVE for many years including PAVE supporting Erin’s Law in several states.



Wendy J. Murphy, J.D.

New England Law|Boston Director, Sexual Violence Legal News; Judicial Language Project and Author of “And Justice For Some”

Wendy has been involved with PAVE for over 5 years including giving an address at PAVE’s Media in the Movement in 2011 at the National Press Club.




Kelly Nishimoto

Designer and Co-Host of The Style Network’s “My Celebrity Home”

Kelly hosted the red carpet at PAVE’s event in Los Angeles.





Dave Pelzer

Internationally Best Selling Author of “A Child Called IT” and Motivational Speaker

Dave spoke at PAVE’s red carpet in Los Angeles in September 2009 and was interviewed in 2011 for PAVE’s Shattering the Silence Radio.




Sarah Rice

MTV Reality TV Star

Sarah travels the country speaking to college campuses about shattering the silence of sexual violence handing out PAVE material. In 2011, Sarah made an appearance at PAVE’s Arts for Awareness in New York.





April Rose

Model and TV Personality

PAVE is fortunate to have April’s support – she was featured with PAVE Founder Angela on a Comcast PSA, PAVE Day at WBNA, and has made appearances at countless PAVE events.




Betsy Salkind

Comedian/writer/activist seen on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno and stars in SHOWTIME’s “Fierce Funny Women” in 2011

Betsy performed at PAVE’s comedy fundraising event in Los Angeles and supported PAVE by donating a few of her books to PAVE’s silent auction in Los Angeles.



Liz Seccuro

Author Crash Into Me

Liz spoke at PAVE’s Media in the Movement at the DC National Press Club in 2011.





Neil Romano

Considered one of the nation’s leading authorities in the field of media and public advocacy, Mr. Romano has dedicated his career to the marketing of ideas and messages to help save lives and promote public policy. Mr. Romano’s extensive professional background includes tenure as director of communications for the White House Office of Drug Abuse Policy.





Judy Tenuta

Actress and Comedian

Judy appeared at the red carpet of PAVE’s Removing the Mask event in Los Angeles.





Angelica Page

Award winning actress

Angelica is a staunch supporter of PAVE and has made television appearances mentioning PAVE’s work as she toured the country screening her film “Lucky Days”. She also presented the keynote address on PAVE’s invitation at the International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma in San Diego.



Gabe Wright

Male Survivor, Speaker and Activist

Gabe served as PAVE’s Male Empowerment Director and has worked with PAVE Founder Angela Rose to conduct trainings in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities on sexual assault.



Jaime A. Gill

As a rape survivor, Jaime has moved from feeling cursed and victimized to blessed and empowered through her faith work with PAVE. Jaime believes that God allowed her to survive such painful and traumatic experiences to become a witness to other rape/sexual abuse victims around the world. As a sought after public speaker for youth impact and women empowerment, she has shared her own story to encourage victims to begin the healing process. As a experienced Television Producer and videographer, Jaime’s ministry takes her across the country and into Africa, often leading to contact with countless victims who feel silenced, scarred, trapped, insecure and afraid. Whether through media or public speaking, Jaime strives to “pave” the way for survivors through her courage and voice.

With her Removing the M.A.S.K. presentation, Jaime has presented to high schools, colleges, community groups and churches all in efforts to help educate communities, eradicate injustice and to empower victims to live an abundant life through truth and love.