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Such proposals could put a barrier between men and women at a time when a stronger conversation about prevention is needed, said Angela Rose, executive director of Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment, a nonprofit group, known as PAVE, that supports survivors of sexual violence.

Prevention is a steadily growing part of sorority members’ education, said Julia K. Dixon, a sorority alumna who works with PAVE as an advocate against sexual assault in Greek life. A task force, recently convened by the National Panhellenic Conference, is creating materials on prevention and awareness to distribute to its sorority chapters nationwide. Sororities at Missouri plan to roll out new educational standards for members this fall.

“Sororities are absolutely a space for women educating women, as well as setting an example — setting the social tone for what that campus is like,” Ms. Dixon said.

“Campus sexual assault is not a simple problem with a one-size-fits-all solution” -ANGELA ROSE, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 19, 2015


Campus Sexual Assault Summit with Att General Madigan featuring PAVE’s Julia Dixon

Press release

Pentagraph – April 2015

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Barbara Bowman on CNN




CNN Impact Your World

PAVE founder Angela Rose shares her unthinkable story to inspire others to break the cycle of sexual violence.


CNN HeadLine News

PAVE’s Angela Rose speaks with HeadLine News’ Dr. Drew

CNN Breakthrough Woman

Breakthrough Woman Angela Rose: Kidnap victim fights back, helps others

Fox 12 News

PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment Selects November 30 for National Day of Action, Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence

Yahoo News

SOC & PAVE Launch Campaign to Shatter the Silence on Sexual Violence on Campus

CNN HeadLine News, February 2011

PAVE’s Angela Rose speaks with HeadLine News’ Jane Valez-Mitchell

ABC News, May 2010

Sexual Assault Victim Promotes Awareness

Rock Star Radio Network, December 2011

Best Selling Author Kim Goldman Honors PAVE Found Angela Rose as One of the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011

FoxNews, Mike Huckabee Show July 2010

PAVE Founder visits Mike Huckabee.

People Magazine, 10/27/08

PAVE’s “Call it Rape” National Protest Featured in
October 27 Issue of People Magazine

Time Magazine, 07/23/07

“…the protest, which was organized by PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment), a Chicago-based advocacy group for rape victims.”

Today Show, 07/19/07

“We will not tolerate the silencing of rape victims.” -Angela Rose

CNN, 07/14/07

“We’re just not going to stand for it, so they’ve got the scarves over their mouths to show that victims should be given free speech.” -Angela Rose

Montel Williams Show, 08/02/02

“Angela was kidnapped at knifepoint and was sexually assaulted by a repeat offender. If her attacker had remained behind bars where he belonged, countless victims would have been saved.”

Girl’s Life, 02/02

“Cool Girl. Six years ago, 17-year-old Angela Rose was walking to her car in a parking lot when she was abducted at knifepoint. Though traumatized, Angela turned her tragedy into positive…”

CosmoGirl!, 10/01

Angela was devastated after being kidnapped and sexually assaulted. Then, she learned her attacker was a paroled murderer. So she put him behind bars-for good.”

Special Events

March 2012

BurlingamePatch – Play Shines Light on Women’s Plight.

November 2011

Fargo VA Health Care System – Fargo VA Healthcare System Sponsors Clothesline Project

October 2011

Washington College – Food for Thought

October 2011

now YOU know – Fear No Fashion Return to Chicago in Support of PAVE

September 2011

Michigan Avenue Magazine – Fear No Fashion Charity Fashion Event

September 2011

ChicagoNow – PAVE Fear No Fashion Charity Event with Marcellas Reynolds

September 2011

Security on Campus, Inc. – Join Security on Campus, Inc. (SOC) and Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE) in Safe Campus Strong Voices

September 2011

CNN HeadLine News - Safety Expert Steve Kardian Talks About ‘Safe Campus, Strong Voices’

August 2011

Campus Safety Magazine – Preventing and Responding to Campus Sexual Assaults: SOC Launches National Campaign Against Sexual Violence

July 2011

One Student – One Student Partners with Safe Campus Strong Voices

July 2011

hollaback! – Safe Campus Strong Voices

July 2011

U.S. Department of Education’s Higher Education Center – ‘Safe Campus, Strong Voices’ Campaign Launched

April 2009

Franklin & Marshall College – Take Back the Night

April 2007

Chicago Foundation for Women – Town Hall – Chicago’s Wicker Park: Hosted by the Foundation’s Young Women’s Leadership Council

Selected Magazines

April 2010

In Focus Magazine, Page 20 – April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. PAVE Founder and Executive Director Angela Rose tells her story of survival.

Feb/March 2002

Girls’ Life Magazine – Cool Girl

Oct 2001

CosmoGirl Magazine – I Put My Kidnapper in Jail

Selected Newspapers

November, 2011

Council Raises Sexual Assault Awareness
The Daily Beacon of the University of Tennessee – Ali Griffin

June 2011

PAVE and SOC Combine to Quell Sexual Violence
Duke Chronicle – Maggie Spini

April 2011

Angela Rose “Shatters the Silence
Today’s Chicago Woman – Cassandra A. Gaddo

February 2009

Activists and Indie Rockers Plan to Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence
Hear/Say – Andy Argyrakis

Nov 5, 2008

Sexual Assault Victim Shares Experiences, Advice
The Dynamo – Shannon Brys

Oct 31, 2008

Mount Union Event Sends Message to Stop Sexual Assault
The Review – Laurie Huffman

Oct 29, 2008

Expert to Discuss Sexual Assault at Program Tonight
Canton Rep

April 12, 2008

Silent No More: Assault Victims Speak Out to Help Others

April 9, 2008

Resources, Help Available for Sexual Assault Victims
Daily Nebraskan – Andrea Vasquez

March 24, 2008

Sex-Abuse Survivors Urge Each Other to Speak Out
Women’s eNews – Alison Bowen

July 16, 2007

Judge Restricts Use of Words ‘Rape,’ ‘Sexual Assault’ in Bowen Trial
Daily Nebraskan – Alissa Skelton

July 7, 2007

Journal Star with Video
Journal Star

Sept 19, 2007

Voices Against Violence
Loyola Phoenix

Nov 2, 2005

Vigil Sheds Light on Rape, Sexual Assault Victims
The Orion – Julianne Riddle

Dec 6, 2006

Wisconsin City Apologizes to Rape Victim
Associate Press International Coverage

Nov 14, 2006

Guardians Asked to Speak Up
Nassau Guardian, Bahamas

Aug 19, 2005

Rep. Emanuel Seeks GPS Bracelets for All Child Sex Offenders
Associated Press

Oct 5, 2006

‘Justice for Patty’ Campaign Kicks Off
The Wheeler Report

Oct 27, 2005

Take Back the Night: Victim-Turned-Activist Keynotes Today’s Event
Enterprise Record

March 5, 2005

CD Aims to Shatter Silence, Alert Women to Violence
Chicago Tribune

April 24, 2002

Sexual Assault Awareness Videos Premiere at Union
The Badger Herald – Madison, WI

Feb 22, 2002

PAVE Celebrates First Anniversary
The Madison Times

June 24, 1997

Court OKs Confining Sex Offenders
Chicago Sun-Times

Sept 14, 1996

Abducted Teen’s Experience Fuels Fight for Stricter Sentences
Daily Herald – Chicago area, IL

Sept 13, 1996

Teen’s Plea
Chicago Sun-Times – Cover Story

Aug 17, 1996

Lawmakers Renew Push for Predator Law
Daily Herald – Chicago area, IL

July 1996

Paroled Killer Held in Abduction
Chicago Tribune

July 23, 1996

Mall Abductee: Don’t Ever Let Koppa Out Again
Daily Herald – Chicago area, IL