Premiere of Invisible Scars

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Red Carpet Premiere - Invisible Scars March 29

The documentary film, being distributed by First Run Features in New York, also releases on Amazon on iTunes tomorrow – CLICK HERE!

Invisible Scars Premiere

Confirmed guests include:

Liev Schreiber (Actor, “Spotlight”& “X-Men”)

Sarah Rice (“MTV: The Real World”)

Nina Sadowsky (Author, ‘Just Fall’/Filmmaker’)

Brionne Davis (Actor, “Embrace Of The Serpent”)

Richard Sipe (Author, ‘Sex, Priests and Power’)

Justin Tinucci (Actor, “Lady Dynamite”)

James Anderson (New Orleans Saints, NFL)

Carissa Rosario (Supermodel)

Joshua Butler (Director, “Pretty Little Liars”)

Brooke Lewis (Actor, “Starship: Apocalypse”)

Proceeds benefit Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE), a national nonprofit that is leading the movement of shattering the silence and preventing sexual violence.

The event will include a red carpet, panel and reception with special Emcee Dr. Cheryl Arutt.

Can’t attend?  Don’t Worry! You can still support by purchasing a ticket for $30!


Invisible Scars Premiere

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, I spent many years withdrawn, struggling with the psychological repercussions of my abuse and ultimately, was a prisoner of my own silence. That was until one woman shared her personal story with me, and urged me to face the trauma from my childhood. ‘Invisible Scars’ is the story of my healing journey.

– Johnna Janis, Filmmaker & PAVE Ambassador

Every child deserves to be loved, and the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life. Unfortunately, childhood sexual abuse is rampant in our society: one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused by the age of 18. There are approximately 40 million adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) in America alone; we all know someone who has been affected. Childhood sexual abuse often leads its survivor to feel fear, shame, and anxiety – all of which promote silence – and predators rely on that silence to remain undetected. It is vital that we engage in a conversation about CSA if we want to bring about change.

Without an open and honest discussion both in our communities and across the country, education – and prevention – is not possible. Invisible Scars tells the story of Johnna Janis, who reveals the abuse she suffered as a child. Now armed with a new self-awareness, she explores the tools and resources available to help male and female survivors like her to overcome the debilitating effects of child sexual abuse.


  1. eusebio manuel says:

    Happy international Women Day

  2. Jude Hunter says:

    No one should talk about [incest] without mentioning that the U.S.DOJ investigated and found: the nation’s minors attorney’s and custody evaluators recommend and the nation’s judges award custody to [abusive fathers that incest their children] based on [parental alienation]. A prominent, well respected law firm in Orange County California states that in the [near future] child sexual abuse will be legalized, the DSM will follow. In the nation’s divorce courts [child sexual abuse] is already legalized. The courts order good fit [protective mothers] on [supervised visits-or no contact].

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