PAVE is passionate about educating military audiences about sexual assault with a focus on prevention including bystander intervention, consent, and healthy relationships. PAVE also discusses healing from trauma, which resonates with many men and women in uniform. Our speakers have over a decade of experience and take a positive approach to engage men and women to make a difference!

What are Military Audiences Saying About PAVE’s training?

  • “The training was conveyed in a positive light and provided many new resources.”
    Ellsworth Air Force Base – Piedmont, SD
  • “The speaker had personal experience! Although she had the personal knowledge she still taught concepts from an objective point of view. Very professional! She lived through it and made us all feel like we were a part of the story. I took away so much more just having that experience to hear about and learn from.”
    114th Fighter Wing, South Dakota Air National Guard, Sioux Falls, SD
  • “The training really kept my interest and was by far one of the best training events I have been too! I enjoyed the sincere and relatable approach with sharing personal story and the diversity of the training.”
    71st Ordinance Group (EOD) – Fort Carson, CO
  • “Great to see such a powerful and positive briefing on such a tough topic! Thank you for the steps you have taken and sorry for reason you had to over come. God bless and Semper Fi”
    Joint Munitions Command – Rock Island, IL
  • “Great! Kept me engaged the entire time. This movement is powerful. God bless you, keep it going!”
    United States Marine Corps – Henderson Hall, Arlington, VA

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