Professional Development

PAVE is a well-respected training entity for professional development including: law enforcement, therapists, real estate safety and more! PAVE offers individual custom trainings or community seminars such as “Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence: A Multidisciplinary and Collaborative Approach” bringing together law enforcement, advocates, attorneys, probation/parole, juvenile justice, and others in the community to work together to better prevent sexual assault and help survivors.

Stephen C.  Martin,  Assistant Attorney General, State of Louisiana.

The   one-day  PAVE  presentation  lead and moderated by Angela Rose hit the bulls-eye on key topics concerning sex offenses, sex offenders and the victims of their crimes.  This seminar is an absolute  “must attend”  for  leaders in law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, probation officers, legislators and others involved in stopping sexual violence and repairing its damaging effects. 

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