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PAVE is a premier provider of educational speakers and workshops on college campuses and in high schools. Featuring the nation’s leading experts on sexual assault prevention and survivor empowerment, our educators take a positive and proactive approach that engages men and women to be a part of the solution.
PAVE is proud to partner with Flip Rodriguez, a Hollywood stuntman on American Ninja Warrior. Working with Flip, PAVE educated thousands of high school students on consent and healthy masculinity. CLICK HERE to donate for #GivingTuesday to support PAVE’s groundbreaking work in high schools!
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Last summer, the “St Paul’s Rape Case” prompted an important conversation about sexual assault and bullying in high school. Chessy, the high school survivor in the case, bravely decided to come forward and shatter the silence on the Today Show at the beginning of this school year and launch the #IHaveTheRightTo initiative with PAVE.  Chessy Prout, PAVE Ambassador, wants to be a voice for others and refuses to be ashamed or silenced. CLICK HERE for more info.
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Angela Rose

Julia Dixon

Sexual Assaults In High School

PAVE brought together four courageous and outspoken survivors who were raped in high school and bullied by classmates after their trauma. The convergence of these teen victims and their moms – several of whom have been featured on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and 48 Hours – provided tangible tips to help parents understand the complex issue of prevention in schools, bullying, and helping teens heal.
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