Paving The Way With Haley Reinhart

Tickets on Sale – CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE to join the fundraising contest to win a chance to meet Haley in Chicago! If you can’t attend, she will give a video shout out on social media & concert tickets will be donated to survivors and veterans. Click “Become a Fundraiser” and the person who raises

PAVE’s Athletic Program: Consent from Start to Finish

“Consent from Start to Finish” “Consent from Start to Finish”  is a PAVE program created by Kyle Petty that engages athletes and their coaches to create a consent culture within their teams and at their schools. This presentation explores the root causes of sexual and interpersonal violence as well as the power of language. Led

PAVE Ambassador Chessy Prout Launches Book on Today show

PAVE Ambassador Chessy Prout sits down with Hoda Kotb on the TODAY Show to discuss the launch of her book #IHaveTheRightTo is an inspirational memoir by PAVE Ambassador Chessy Prout that takes a magnifying glass to the institutions that turn a blind eye and a society that blames victims rather than perpetrators. Chessy’s story offers real,

What She Was Wearing

PAVE is partnering with spoken word activist Steve Connell to address and shatter the victim blaming question, “What Were You Wearing?” 1. DOWNLOAD ON iTUNES! Proceeds from each download will benefit PAVE. 2. Share the Video and Post on Social Media Full Length Video Instagram Length Version 1 Instagram Length Version 2 Please use #WhatSheWasWearing and

Ride Hailing Safely

As the nonprofit partner with the Ride Responsibly campaign, PAVE is asking for your help in our call to action to require all ride-sharing services to adhere to minimum safety standards. Currently, not all drivers of ride-hail apps are thoroughly vetted each year with criminal background checks and mandatory fingerprinting, which all taxi and limousine

States Taking Action on Ride-Hailing Apps

States Taking Action on Ride-Hailing Apps for Increased Safety Measures In November of 2017, criminal investigators with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission issued a Civil Penalty Assessment Notice (CPAN) totaling $8.9 million for Uber “for allowing individuals with disqualifying criminal or motor vehicle offenses, or without valid licenses, to drive for the company.” The CPAN listed violations

Media articles about sexual violence committed by ride-hail app drivers

Trigger Warning: Sexual assault, rape, kidnap Here are a collection of media articles about sexual assault committed by a ride-hail app driver: Atlanta, Georgia Uber Driver Charged in Sexual Assault of 16-Year-Old Girl(12/14/17) Uber Driver Exposed Himself To Passenger In Garden City, New York, Police Say (12/12/17) Ride-Hail Driver Wanted For Washington, DC Sexual Assault (12/11/17) 77-Year-Old Fort

Register for NALC’s Monthly CEU Webinar!

Igniting Change: Middle and High School Students Shattering the Silence of Sexual Assault Thursday, December 14, 2017 11:00am – 12:30pm EST AND 7:00pm – 8:30pm EST Sexual violence affects students. 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually assaulted before the age of 18 (The Centers for Disease Control, 2014). Learn about PAVE’s


Join PAVE Ambassador Chessy Prout on International Human Rights Day and participate in the #IHaveTheRightTo campaign! #IHaveTheRightTo INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Take a picture and/or a short video with #IHaveTheRightTo _________ – CLICK HERE for the #IHaveTheRightTo paper 2. Post to social media with the hashtag #IHaveTheRightTo 3. Invite your friends to participate 4. Sign up for updates CLICK HERE NOTE: