Report Alleges University Of Wisconsin Athletic Official Sexually Assaulted Student

Please read the following AP news article about a sexual assault in PAVE’s home town. From the Associated Press: MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A University of Wisconsin student alleged that an athletic department official grabbed his crotch at an alcohol-fueled party during the football team’s trip to the Rose Bowl, according to an independent report

PAVE Featured in Psychology Today

Check out this Psychology Today article about Joe Paterno and Penn State. PAVE has a great shout out. Click here to see original post at Did Joe Paterno Really Break His Silence? How shattering the silence stops abuse By Robin Sax Joe Paterno “broke his silence on the Sandusky case since being fired from

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Repost from Humane Connection: Connecting People, Animals, Planet: 6 Questions for Connectionist Ashley Maier

I like this initiative so much that I felt I must re-post to our blog. This yields some AMAZING food for thought in the violence prevention movement. Please read and comment. Original post can be found here: As with many who want to create a better world for all, one thing leads to another.

Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence in the New Year: FBI’s New and Improved Definition of Rape

The new year is marked with change for the better as we work to improve something about ourselves or the world around us. This time of year made it all the more exciting to hear from Ms. Magazine that the FBI is officially redefining ‘rape.’ Huffington Post explained that the new definition removes ‘forcible’ to

My Stories: Stacy M.

  It seems that I can’t turn on a news program lately without hearing discussions about the Penn State University child sexual abuse scandal. Nor does it seem that I can browse the pages of this newspaper without finding several stories weekly about child pornography and pedophiles. It feels very much like we have reached

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Mandatory Reporting Challenges on a College Campus

The other day, over lunch, prompted by an in inevitable conversation about the recent tragedy at Penn State, a colleague lamented their own experiences as a mandatory reporter of sexual assault. The discussion began as we were flushing out possible scenarios with the Penn State case, hoping that perhaps the lack of reporting on behalf

My Stories: Debbie O’Dowd Michard

Read Debbie O’Dowd Michard’s brave account of her brutal attack, prosecution attempts and survival. I was brutally attacked and beaten in Aurora,Colorado on March 14,1985. in back of the Cooper movie theater by a guy Greg Gregerson I had met and danced with at the Iliff Park Saloon. He insisted on giving me a ride


My Stories: Tauheedah Jabaar

Tauheedah shares her story of how she escaped domestic and sexual abuse and ultimately death against herself and her children at the hands of her husband by running away with her 8 children in this harrowing self produced short film. Hopefully this short but powerful film will inspire other people that are in turbulant relationships

My Stories: Laura Cowen

My Stories: Laura Cowan

Laura Cowan was desperate and alone with two children when she moved into a motel with a man and his family. What followed was a bizarre, four-year odyssey of polygamy, torture and mental trauma. Laura Cowan survived life in one of the most notoriously abusive households in recent California history. Now a speaker, counselor and forceful