My Stories: Debbie O’Dowd Michard

Read Debbie O’Dowd Michard’s brave account of her brutal attack, prosecution attempts and survival. I was brutally attacked and beaten in Aurora,Colorado on March 14,1985. in back of the Cooper movie theater by a guy Greg Gregerson I had met and danced with at the Iliff Park Saloon. He insisted on giving me a ride


My Stories: Tauheedah Jabaar

Tauheedah shares her story of how she escaped domestic and sexual abuse and ultimately death against herself and her children at the hands of her husband by running away with her 8 children in this harrowing self produced short film. Hopefully this short but powerful film will inspire other people that are in turbulant relationships

My Stories: Laura Cowen

My Stories: Laura Cowan

Laura Cowan was desperate and alone with two children when she moved into a motel with a man and his family. What followed was a bizarre, four-year odyssey of polygamy, torture and mental trauma. Laura Cowan survived life in one of the most notoriously abusive households in recent California history. Now a speaker, counselor and forceful

Thankful for Survivors’ Stories that Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence

Thanksgiving is this week and I wanted to take a moment to thank survivors of sexual or dating violence who have shared their stories shattering the silence of their suffering and encouraging others to do the same. PAVE introduced “My Stories” to motivate us to share our stories of how we have been affected by

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University Action Taken in Penn State Sexual Assault Scandal, But is it Enough?

Many of you may have received the PAVE Action Alert about the Penn State sexual assault scandal involving a former coach. Many more of you may have heard about the story recently in the news, but how many of us have responded with action to prevent and stop this violence from taking place and going

Edgy Website has Great Message But Owes Viewers More Content

The website provides various responses to simply and directly send the same message: Rape is NOT funny. As far as shock value goes, this website offers that, which at least captures the viewer’s attention for a moment. This however presents the opportunity to offer educational material, which is a vital component to prevention of

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My Stories: Jolene Loetscher

Hello PAVE Community, Please take 15 minutes out of your day to watch Jolene Loetscher share her story on TED. Thank you Jolene for your bravery and using your voice to help Shatter the Silence! You are an inspiration to survivors everywhere.

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Presenting PAVE and Security on Campus’ Mobile Application to Shatter the Silence!

The mission of PAVE and Security on Campus’ Shatter the Silence! mobile application is to not only Shatter the Silence! that shrouds survivors of sexual and dating violence, but also to prevent this violence from occurring by quipping users with knowledge, skills and services through interactive multimedia tools. PAVE and SOC have just submitted this