The month long national awareness campaign in April stemmed from organizing by English women in the 1970s who hosted the world’s first Take Back the Night marches in direct response to the violence that women encountered as they walked the streets of London at night. Today, traditional SAAM activities still include Take Back the Night. However PAVE and hundreds of anti-violence organizations across the country create special programming to raise awareness about sexual violence and to promote unity across the movement throughout the month of April.


Every April PAVE releases a free virtual SAAM toolkit that can be used by college campuses, student groups, community organizations and individuals to shatter the silence of sexual violence.

PAVE’s Free downloadable 2013 SAAM Toolkit…


PAVE and the Clery Center for Security on Campus’ Shatter The Silence App provides education and resources to help prevent sexual violence by equipping users with knowledge, skills and services through interactive multimedia tools. Shatter The Silence also provides instant EMERGENCY functionality that will contact the police and connect you to immediate support from trained violence intervention specialists. Search “Shatter the Silence” in apps or: CLICK HERE for Android 



PAVE Founder Angela Rose Launches Book

Hope, Healing & Happiness: Going Inward to Transform Your Life is a short manifesto for finding inspiration, happiness and fulfillment in every day life. This step-by- step manual dives in deep exposing limited thinking and negative self-talk, replacing unskillful habits with gratitude and behaviors that will create magic in your life. More info.



Build your grassroots! The number one way to raise awareness about an issue is to get out there and talk about it. Tabling in a public place puts a face to the issue of sexual violence and gives the public an opportunity to educate themselves on the issues.


Art is a powerful way to shatter the silence of sexual violence. It helps to break through barriers and defenses when dealing with this sensitive issue. It also helps give voice to things that are difficult to say with words. That is why PAVE designed the Postcard Project – Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence. Click for the Post Card Campaign and public tabling kit. Get inspired on our Pinterest page!


PAVE Walk to Shatter the Silence

The PAVE Walk to Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence is both an opportunity for people to come together in their community and for communities to come together nationwide to raise awareness about sexual violence. This unity can create and strengthen a national voice about a national issue. Click here for the PAVE Walk to Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence Tool Kit & Fundraiser


PAVE Read Between the Lines Poster

Gather a group of people and have a Poster Party in the community where you can hang these posters in coffee shops, around a campus, on community bulletin, and in churches.  Bring: copies of this black and white poster, tape and push pins. Download the PDF poster below AND more blakc and white posters available

SAAM Poster Campaign PAVE Read Between The Lines Poster


PAVE Rally Against Rape

PAVE’s National Rally Against Rape will featured positive and proactive messages across the US!  Survivors will shatter the silence, college athletes will show that their “strength is not for hurting”, victim blaming will be called out. Our time is NOW! PAVE did this in January on cities across the US with great results – and you can recreate in your community or campus!

Spoken Word Poetry to Shatter the Silence

Steve Connell is a world renowned poet seen on MTV, HBO and BET. Steve has performed at several PAVE events and he created a cd of poetry based on PAVE’s work called “Angel Rising”

BONUS: Supporting A Sexual Assault Survivor Radio PSA