When Delaney Henderson was 16 years old, two boys from her high school sexually assaulted her. When she #ShatteredTheSilence, she was harassed and bullied relentlessly forcing her to change schools and move hundreds of miles away. A rap song was even written by Anthony Murillo where he explicitly threatened to kill Delaney and another underage survivor. After years of legal battles, the case against Murillo is proceeding in trial this month. This case impacts survivors everywhere who are facing endless harassment and re-victimization.

Freedom of speech is not freedom to threaten survivors. It does not mean you can harass, abuse, and dehumanize others without any repercussions. Show support for Delaney by:

Post pictures, share the graphic and show support on social media by using the hashtags #ThreatsAreNotFreeSpeech & #StandWithDelaney

Survivors deserve love and support not cruelty and blame. Help us show the court that this case matters for survivors across the nation who have been harassed, bullied, threatened & blamed. For more information about the case, click here and see the news video below.

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