Press Conference Outside Courthouse for Cosby Trial

From opening statements to closing arguments, the defense has been using tactics of victim blaming and shaming. These are tactics that are used to intimidate survivors – but Andrea Constand will not be intimidated. -ANGELA ROSE STATEMENT FROM ANGELA ROSE, PAVE FOUNDER My name is Angela Rose and I am the Founder and Executive Director of

Help PAVE The Way: Preventing Sexual Assault in HS

PAVE brought together four courageous and outspoken survivors who were sexually assaulted in high school and bullied by classmates after their trauma. The convergence of these teen victims and their moms – several of whom have been featured on CNN, MSNBC, CBS and 48 Hours – provided tangible tips around the complex issue of prevention in schools,

Delaney Henderson Pens Emotional Open Letter to Stanford Survivor Praising her Courage!

Delaney Henderson is a survivor of sexual assault in high school, a PAVE Ambassador and co-founder of PAVE’s SafeBAE initiative. She wrote a powerful, emotional open letter to the survivor in the Stanford rape case that is now going viral. Click the media logos for the stories…