RAINN Gives Hope to a Survivor Named Alyssa Marie

Waking up every morning may seem like something automatic to do and possibly something that can even be taken for granted, but to the innocent people who have been sexually assaulted or/and raped, this can be very challenging and an on-going battle. Whether survivors have come forward or are still in silence, the feeling of

My Stories: Marnie and IMPACT Personal Safety

“As a survivor of stranger rape, I never had an interest in taking a self-defense class.  I teach people that being aware of your surroundings is critical. We live in a world where women must be on high alert. We teach women to avoid certain places at specific times, buddy up, and be safe rather

My Stories: Stacy M.

  It seems that I can’t turn on a news program lately without hearing discussions about the Penn State University child sexual abuse scandal. Nor does it seem that I can browse the pages of this newspaper without finding several stories weekly about child pornography and pedophiles. It feels very much like we have reached

My Stories: Debbie O’Dowd Michard

Read Debbie O’Dowd Michard’s brave account of her brutal attack, prosecution attempts and survival. I was brutally attacked and beaten in Aurora,Colorado on March 14,1985. in back of the Cooper movie theater by a guy Greg Gregerson I had met and danced with at the Iliff Park Saloon. He insisted on giving me a ride

My Stories: Tauheedah Jabaar

Tauheedah shares her story of how she escaped domestic and sexual abuse and ultimately death against herself and her children at the hands of her husband by running away with her 8 children in this harrowing self produced short film. Hopefully this short but powerful film will inspire other people that are in turbulant relationships

My Stories: Amy L.

I was 17 years old, scared to death, pregnant, unsure of anything and about to tell my friend that he was going to have another child. There is not a day that goes by where I do not recall the next few hours. Here he is just found out he is having another child and

my stories jolene

My Stories: Jolene Loetscher

Hello PAVE Community, Please take 15 minutes out of your day to watch Jolene Loetscher share her story on TED. Thank you Jolene for your bravery and using your voice to help Shatter the Silence! You are an inspiration to survivors everywhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeDSFbZUn7I&feature=youtu.be