My Stories: Marnie and IMPACT Personal Safety

“As a survivor of stranger rape, I never had an interest in taking a self-defense class.  I teach people that being aware of your surroundings is critical. We live in a world where women must be on high alert. We teach women to avoid certain places at specific times, buddy up, and be safe rather

PACE Binding Project 1

The Binding Project at Pace University!

A wonderful report on the Binding Project from PACE University Students: Pace University- Binding Project, 2/22 & 2/29 Kessel Student Center “Students [at PACE University] took action by participating in the binding project to spread awareness about violence perpetrated against men and women. The binding project is a project that’s a part of Angela Rose’s


OWH Call to Action: Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus: April 10 – Washington D.C.

PAVE invites you to join is in participating in the Office Of Women’s Health, Violence Against Women Steering Committee & The Office on Violence Against Women’s Call to Action: Addressing Sexual Violence on Campus Tuesday, April 10th; Hubert H. Humphrey Building – Great Hall 200 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. Click Here to Register

Arts for Awareness:”A Mutual Onus” Premieres Across the Country!

PAVE partner and AAUW organizer Cathy Foxhoven has written a wonderful play, A Mutual Onus to help raise awareness and Shatter the Silence. A Mutual Onus is a compilation of monologues about real women and their continued suffering in developing countries as well as here in the United States. The play premieres tonight, Saturday March

South Dakota

Governor Signs South Dakota Senate Bill 68 so that no statute of limitations applies to certain rape cases!

From Jolene Loetscher: A huge WIN for victims’ rights happened in South Dakota on March 2nd, 2012. Gov. Daugaard signed Senate Bill 68 which removes the statute of limitations on certain criminal rape cases. This is a great step forward in helping victims become survivors and allowing survivors to find justice. PAVE partner and victim’s


PAVE’s FREE SAAM 2012 Toolkit is Available NOW

PAVE’s Free SAAM 2012 Toolkit is available NOW for download. Click this link to go to PAVE’s SAAM Page and download your kit today.

Assaulting Women: Veganism, Manarchism, and the Politics of Support

Please enjoy a very timely critique of PETA’s new add campaign: Released to PAVE, Feminist Agenda PDX, and Connecting the Dots for open use. Warning: Sexual assault/Domestic violence triggers ahead. “Assaulting Women: Veganism, Manarchism, and the Politics of  Support” By: Aaron Boeke I had thought that I would never again be shocked by People for

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My Story: Senica Evans

Here is my story; It was the middle of December 1995; I was a freshman at Whitney Young H.S. on the Westside of Chicago. I lived on the Southside which meant I had to take 2 trains to get to the other side of the city every day. I wasn’t alone in my travels though.

My Story: David M.

WARNING: This story contains some explicit content and could be triggering, please read with caution and self care. “During my rough coming out my mom wasn’t treating me very well, so I started to become so desperate to get her to quit being such a royal snob to me I began talking to her friends

PAVE My Stories: Janet A

My Story My story started in 1989 and ended October 17th 2011 when my ex-husband suffered a stroke and my stepson and I went to his house to find Power of Attorney.  What we found were videos that he had made throughout our marriage where he had secretly drugged and Raped me repeatedly throughout the