Wear Your PJs to Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence!

PAVE Ambassador Pepper Miller Shatters The Silence with Pajamas

Leandra Pepper Krueger

Pepper Miller

And now YOU can too!

Passionate about being a voice for those who have been silenced by abuse, Pepper speaks out openly about her own personal story of sexual abuse, endured at the hands of her own trusted doctor. This is now her cause, her platform.

On Valentine’s Day 2006 Pepper was drugged and sexually assaulted by her OB/GYN. After speaking out and pressing charges, detectives were able to back track assaults, perpetrated by the Doctor, almost 23 years. Many were silenced!


With a successful conviction, Pepper is now determined to give a voice, and a face, to this far too often “silent crime.” The defense side in her case, claims the assault was “enticed” due to the fact that Pepper wore PJ’s to the appointment. They have even threatened to “expose” the fact that she wore PJ’s to the appointment if she ever speaks out publicly again. Because of this, Leandra will now be speaking out publicly in her PJ’s, to shatter that myth that victims are in any way responsible for
crimes committed against them.This is not to be antagonistic but rather to educate. A visual if u will because ABUSE IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE.


With April being Sexual Assault Awareness month, Pepper will be speaking out once again publicly, Shattering the Silence! Lets all PAVE the way and take action now! It is simple! Show your support by wearing ‘PJ’s For Pepper!’ and accessorize with a Heart. Take a picture of yourself in your PJs and send them to Pepper to show your support!

In conjunction with the fact that her assault happened on Valentines’s Day, the heart [♥] will represent love…. Because love conquers all!
Would you be willing to help raise the volume and
get involved? Maybe your family? maybe your company? Pepper would like to share pictures in her powerpoint presentation, of different supporters Nationwide, willing to raise the volume on this far too often silent crime. She will be sharing pictures of individuals, companies, and families around the US, in their PJ’s, sharing encouraging, powerful, or inspirational quotes.

Get involved and show your PJ’s = Pride in Justice!!!

Please share what city and state you are from as well. Your name is optional.

PJ Pictures can be sent to



PAVE Welcomes Protect Our Defenders as Our Newest Affiliate

A Spotlight on Protect Our Defenders

PAVE would like to give a warm welcome to Protect Our Defenders as our newest Affiliate organization. Protect Our Defenders is a human rights organization that honors, supports and gives voices to the brave women and men in uniform who have been raped or sexually assaulted by fellow service members. They seek to fix the military training, investigation and adjudication systems related to sexual violence and harassment — systems that often re-victimize assault survivors by blaming them while failing to prosecute perpetrators. Check out this great video to learn more about Protect Our Defenders.


Click here to join Protect Our Defender for their latest campaign! Tell Fox News: Fire Liz Trotta, who said women in uniform should “expect” to be raped and issue an apology to all America Female Military Personnel.

PAVE and Protect Our Defenders will also be joining forces this April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Keep an eye out for our SAAM Tool-kit with a special feature for campus ROTC and Veterans organizations.


Assaulting Women: Veganism, Manarchism, and the Politics of Support

Please enjoy a very timely critique of PETA’s new add campaign:

Released to PAVE, Feminist Agenda PDX, and Connecting the Dots for open use.

Warning: Sexual assault/Domestic violence triggers ahead.

“Assaulting Women: Veganism, Manarchism, and the Politics of  Support”

By: Aaron Boeke

I had thought that I would never again be shocked by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). I refer, of course, not to their undercover video work in research laboratories, fur farms, and animal feedlots, but to their years long campaign of sexist publicity stunts. After placing “hot” naked women in gestation crates on the streets of London, and encouraging women to go hairless “down there” to protest fur, I was at a loss to think of how they could surprise me yet again with their unabashed misogyny. Defying the will of decent people everywhere, they called my bluff. Their newest video campaign features a thin young blonde woman in a neck brace limping down the street. The voice-over explains that she has been the “victim” of her boyfriend’s newfound sexual prowess. After going vegan he became such a “tantric pornstar” that he “knocked the bottom out of [her].” Upon returning to the apartment she finds him in the bedroom plastering over the hole created when he put her head through the wall. In the final frame her pained expression finally lifts as she stands, in bra and underwear, with a look of arousal on her face. The stomach churns. The mind reels.


Perhaps more disturbing than the video itself has been the split reaction it has garnered from the feminist and animal rights communities. PETA long ago proved that they were more than happy to push the normative view of women as mindless sex toys, but crossing the line into an endorsement of sexual violence seemed like it would be the moment in which even ardent supporters could no longer claim that this was just savvy marketing, or give “yes, but” approval to their vile misogyny. The ensuing social media flame wars made short work of that sadly misguided hope. How to engage with a population who refuses to acknowledge that consensual sex does not end with a trip to the hospital is an important question, but it is not the one I am ready to ask.

“Manarchism” was coined to describe the (often) straight, white male “revolutionary” who believes that everyone should be equal but that women should still be responsible for the toilet cleaning and blowjob duties. Because, you know, they’re better at it. It is a term that embodies the exhaustion so many of us feel by the seemingly constant betrayal we experience at the hands of our “friends.” PETA’s ad is just one of many recent examples that spring to mind. The Human Rights Campaign just made Lloyd Blankenfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, their corporate leader of the year. I suppose we no longer need to ask whether the gay corporate elite feel comfortable throwing the rest of the rainbow under the bus.

The silo effect in progressive activism is well known, and again not something I am going to address here. Instead I would like to declare my own commitment to allies over issues. Too many of us are too often left reeling when our personhood is challenged or our safety threatened by the very people we should look to for support. Solidarity for one another across movements must be prioritized over cohesiveness within them. My politics are as complex as my identity, but when PETA attacks women I am a feminist first and a vegan last. Full stop. We can talk about vivisection later. Today remember that I support you. I believe in your right to exist and identify on your terms. And I’ve got your back.

My Story: Senica Evans

Here is my story;

It was the middle of December 1995; I was a freshman at Whitney Young H.S. on the Westside of Chicago. I lived on the Southside which meant I had to take 2 trains to get to the other side of the city every day. I wasn’t alone in my travels though. My best friend from grammar school, RC, went to the same school. We took the trains together. When we would get to the end of the line, 95th St, we parted ways. I walked the 4 or 5 blocks home alone. There was a KFC and a Burger King on the last block of my daily trek. I frequented both of them, but on this particular day I decided to patronize Burger King. I ordered my usual and exited the store. As I crossed the parking lot, I passed a group of 4 boys. One of them called out to me since I had already passed them. I turned around and said “I’m not walking back so you can catch up“. He obliged. Then there was the usual banter of what’s your name, what school do you go to, etc. The exchange ended with us exchanging numbers. He was older than me, 20 to be exact. He called me that night and we talked for hours. We planned to see each other the next day.


The next day, I told my mother I was going ice skating downtown with RC. This was just a rouse as I was meeting him around the corner. We were supposed to go to the skating rink together. I left the house and he was right where he said he would be. He was in a gray 2 door Cutlass. We drove around to an area that was unfamiliar to me. We pulled up to a 3 flat apartment building and he parked the car. He said he would be right back. He had to run to his grandmother’s house for a moment.


I sat waiting in the car for what seemed like 15 or 20 minutes. He suddenly reappeared at the car. He opened the door and told me to come in for a second. I exited the vehicle and followed him inside. We walked up the stairs to the third floor. There were two apartment doors on both sides of the stair case. He knocked on one door and there was no answer. He turned as if he were getting ready to head down the stairs and threw me down. I tried to get up but he held me down with his body weight. I was squirming trying to get from underneath him but there wasn’t enough room. I was stuck between the wall and the banister. He held me by my neck with one hand and unfastened his pants with the other. Everything after that become a blur. He took from me something I could never get back, my virginity.


When he was done he jumped off me and said “c’mon, I’m gonna take you home”. I felt so low and dirty and ashamed. I walked back to the car staring at the ground. I wanted to run but I didn’t know where I was or how to get home. I got in the car and slumped down in the seat. The weight of everything that just happened hadn’t fully settled in yet. When we got back around my house, he dropped me off in the same place he picked me up. I walked the block home. When I got in the house, I immediately took a shower and went to bed. My mother didn’t have a clue what happened and I intended to keep it that way. I didn’t want a soul to know.


One month after the incident, my secret was still safely tucked inside of me. But things slowly started to change. I started sleeping more and was growing increasingly tired. I just thought I was getting sick and quickly dismissed it. Mom, on the other hand, did not dismiss this sudden change in my behavior. She began questioning my every step. There is truly nothing like a mother and her intuition. One day she asked me if I was pregnant and I quickly denied. Pregnant? No, I’m not pregnant! She handed me a pregnancy test and instructed me how to use it. Three minutes later it was confirmed. Yes, I was pregnant.


Again, my world came crashing down. I was 14 years old how could I be pregnant. I was a virgin! Well I was before it was stolen right out of my hands. My mother was livid so livid that her baby was not only having sex but also pregnant. She had done everything in her power to teach me about sex and having babies and diseases. But in her world, I completely ignored everything she said. She didn’t speak to me for an entire week. When she finally did talk to me I didn’t have the courage to tell her that as a result of me lying to her I was taken advantage of. She decided I was too young to be a mother. There was no way this was going to happen. I hadn’t even finished high school let alone got into college. The pregnancy was aborted shortly thereafter. I buried this entire incident in the deep dark recesses of my mind to never be talked about again. I hid the hurt, the pain, the embarrassment, and the shame.


Today, I am no longer quiet. I found healing through transparency. I have been able to be a shining light to other women and girls who have experienced similar situations. Unfortunately, this was not the end for me. I am a survivor of domestic violence and was married to an abusive controlling spouse. I survived it all. I am a stronger, wiser, better woman because of it. I released all anger, bitterness, and resentment for all the men who have wronged me in my life. Today my life is filled with peace, joy, and true happiness.

Senica Evans is an outspoken survivor, advocate, speaker and author. She has a wonderful website www.SennySen.com where she actively reaches out to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. She recently released a book Married to Him, which is her story of overcoming a marriage filled with deceit, abuse, and infidelity to joy, peace, and deliverance. She also hosts a weekly Blog Talk Radio show entitled Let’s Chat Radio Show where she discusses all things pertaining to relationships from love to lust and romance to destruction.

Senica Evan's website logo

My Story: David M.

WARNING: This story contains some explicit content and could be triggering, please read with caution and self care.

“During my rough coming out my mom wasn’t treating me very well, so I started to become so desperate to get her to quit being such a royal snob to me I began talking to her friends over the phone when they’d call for her, just to get them to get her to quit it. I was 15 and desperate and didn’t know what else to do. One day it ended up being Fred I tried this with, as I tried this with about 3 or 4 friends, and Fred got me to open up to him about my gay troubles over the phone and he right away offered me work to do for filing and things, as he was a piano tuner. When I got there though, I was in his room, and he says to me “hey, want to get off?” he saw the look on my face and tossed it off as he was “being rude sorry”.

Earlier we had talked about massage though so he offered to give me a back rub. When I flipped over at some point he noticed I had an erection, which he put his hand on, and then put in his mouth after undoing my clothes. I was terrified. He was a 60 year old man and I was silent and was at a loss for words. I thought it was my own fault because of my erection and now I know that it wasn’t and that he used me. He continued to go down on me in the coming months, and I was so hurt and torn and confused, thinking I wanted it but knowing that it hurt me, but feeling like I wanted it anyway. I didn’t want to be home with mom and dad who were being very unreasonable at the time; even tricked me into going to an anti gay seminar, so this was my escape from them I felt I needed, which I was convinced I wanted, although it hurt me horribly to deal with it, but he fooled me into thinking he was my friend and that I wanted it. He also gave me hope that I had a place to stay when I was 18 as I believed my parents would probably kick me out; so I continued to be his friend despite my torn and horrible self loathing feelings.

It took me about 10 years to fully grasp it was not my fault. I told the police about it and it was an investigation for a while but ultimately it was too late and nothing would happen with it. He is on the streets today.”

PAVE My Stories: Janet A

My Story

My story started in 1989 and ended October 17th 2011 when my ex-husband suffered a stroke and my stepson and I went to his house to find Power of Attorney.  What we found were videos that he had made throughout our marriage where he had secretly drugged and Raped me repeatedly throughout the 4 years I lived with him.  He drugged and Raped me while I was pregnant and while I breastfed my handicapped daughter. Even though I have found no current videos I am sure he has been raping me throughout the past 16 yrs.  He was obsessed with me,  he had easy access to me using my daughters handicap to stay in control.
I can write at this time because I’m not sure what the law is deciding to do. I’m trying to get charges against him in this state with the other women and another for me. One of the other states has a statue of limitations even though I didn’t know at the time I was being drugged and raped until 2011.
I can tell you that the rapes of me on the videos occurred in 2 different states and the videos also included another women in a third state.  I now live in the third state and have been pretty much dismissed.  I will tell you the police department doesn’t care much for me and wish that I would just go away.  When I gave them the tapes and told them what I found they didn’t even bother to look at them.  I thought at the time that they would at least go to his house and see if they could find any other evidence but they didn’t.  My ex’s sister was coming in from out of state and was staying at his house.  I knew that if she found any incriminating evidence she would get rid of it.  I went back and found more videos, ropes, handcuffs, police badges, a vaginal spectrum, containers of pubic hairs, and, guns.
When I spoke to the detective he told me that these things take time they have training and court to attend to and besides I should be comforted to know that he (my ex) was in the hospital with a stroke and can’t do anything and besides it wasn’t in their jurisdiction.  He was more concerned of the fact that I was cussing at him wondering what the hell they were doing.  I asked him about the other women and he stated they hadn’t seen the other women.  That scared me to death. I thought they had gotten rid of the videos! I only had the one video that was proof positive that I was not his only victim!  I contacted the local police in each of the other states and they were concerned.  I’m not sure how sane I would be at this point without them!
The police here have allowed his son and sister full access to the house and I’m sure they have gotten rid of anything they may have found if anything.  After this discovery I found that there were people who knew what he had been doing and his son told me that his dad made him rape a young girl in this fashion when he was 8 or 9 and that he thought that was how you got girls until he met his wife when he was 29. Hum.  Apparently from what I know he had been drugging and raping women for over 40 years.  The last 10 years he worked as a maintenance man at the local college dorms and had the master key to the dorms.  I remember him always bragging how the young girls liked him because he would help them when they partied too much or had boyfriend issues.  I believe that is another reason the local police have done little if any investigation.
I sent a 2 page email to 2 congressmen, 2 senators, and the governor.  I got a letter response from one senator who forwarded my email to the mayor and told if I need anything else to please write. I got another response back from one congressman just to see if the police have done anything yet. I also sent an email to the FBI. Haven’t heard anything, which I’m not surprised. I called the local FBI and they told me they don’t get involved until they hear from the locals.
I am hanging on each day trying not to let my feeling and thoughts get the best of me.  I don’t know what else to do.  I understand it may never go to court I just want them to at least charge him for his crimes.  His son has already told him what we had found so you know there is no way he is ever going to act sane again.  He is not that stupid.  His speech is affected with the stroke and the right side of his body.  He has been showing signs of improvement and his vitals are good.
I need help but I don’t know what. I took 30 days FMLA but spent them all going crazy trying to get someone to listen to me or at least pretend to be do something. I am back at work and walking around pretending that I’m normal and have everything under control.
I’m putting my house up for sale and want to have it ready by March. I need to get the hell out of here. I’m trying to stay busy with that, work and getting my daughter hooked up to outside activities to stay somewhat productive.  I’m even attempting to become a non-smoker. I have moments when I truly understand why people lose their minds and go shooting everything in site and I also understand how a 2 year old feels when they’ve reached their point of frustration when they fall in the middle of the floor and slam their feet and arms and scream at the top of their lungs. It’s not a good feeling!
I have to sit and wonder how many other women are being drugged and Raped and not knowing.  How many are in therapy wondering what the hell is wrong with them. I’m beginning to feel as if it’s acceptable behavior to Rape as long as the victim doesn’t know they are being Raped.
If anybody has any ideas at what I can or need to do, please tell me. My friends are a godsend but just as frustrated as I am in this process.
Just about every question I had the past 22 years was answered in one day.
Thank you for listening to my story,
Janet A.

PAVE and the Women’s Sports Foundation Support the US DOE’s Dear Colleague Letter

PAVE has joined the Women’s Sports Foundation to sign on to Support the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights Title IX Dear Colleague Letter on Campus Sexual Violence.


Please Click Here to Read the Letter of Support from The Women’s Sports Foundation, PAVE and several other wonderful organizations working to end sexual violence on college campuses.

Interested in a Fabulous Volunteer Opportunity? Join PAVE’s Board of Directors!

Pave logo with sloganPAVE  is looking for committed, energetic members who want to serve on our Board of Directors. It is an excellent chance for experienced, dedicated individuals to be part of shaping the future of our organization.

Service on our Board of Directors offers a tremendous opportunity to help mold our programs and strategies, the impact of which will be felt for many years.  Both experienced and first time board members are welcome. While we would certainly welcome individuals with great connections and/or professional skills, a PASSION for sexual and dating violence prevention is absolutely critical. Previous experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, violence prevention or intervention or is highly desired.

If you are interested in becoming a PAVE BOD member, please submit a letter of introduction and your resume to amanda@ShatteringTheSilence.org.

A PAVE Board Member:

  1. Demonstrates an interest in and personal commitment to PAVE’s vision, mission and values.
  2. Exercises duty of loyalty and due care in the management of PAVE’s fiscal affairs.
  3. Serves as an ambassador, building relationships with potential supporters and donors in the community.
  4. Attends all bi-monthly board meetings, board committee meetings, and required special events.
  5. Makes a personal financial contribution at a level that is meaningful to them.
  6. Actively participates in one or more fundraising activities.
  7. Acts in the best interests of the organization, and excuses themselves from discussions and votes where they have a conflict of interest.
  8. Stays informed about what’s going on in the organization. They will ask questions and request information. They will participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other board matters, especially financial matters.
  9. Works in good faith and communicate openly and honestly with staff and other board members as partners towards achievement of our goals.
  10. Maintains roles and responsibilities with a high level of accountability and intentionality.
  11. Makes a commitment to serve as a PAVE Board Member for a minimum of two years.
  12. Adheres to and upholds the values of feminism and anti violence.
  13. Adheres to the responsibilities for the board of directors as required by the Illinois Not For Profit Corporation Act of 1986 (805 ILCS 105 – attached).
  14. Insures that PAVE functions in compliance with all relevant state and federal laws.


PAVE Action Alert: South Dakota Legislation on Sexual Violence

HB 1218 & SB 68: Removing the Statute of Limitations for Reporting on Rape

“SIOUX FALLS (AP) – It has taken Jolene Loetscher more than 15 years to come to terms with a rape she says she endured as a teenager in Nebraska, but according to state law at the time, she waited too long to seek punishment for the man she accuses of stealing her childhood in the back of the store where she worked.

While 23 states currently have no statute of limitations on some form of sexual assault, prosecutors in several states – including South Dakota, where Loetscher now lives – remain bound by laws that restrict the length of time they can charge someone for a sex crime.

In South Dakota, prosecutors can only charge a suspect in a rape case up to seven years after the crime was committed or until the victim is 25, whichever is longer.

Loetscher, now 33, hopes to change that with the help of her friend, South Dakota state Sen. Mark Johnston, who has introduced a bill in the state Senate that would eliminate the state’s statute of limitations for rape cases.” Please click this link to read the entire article from the Associated Press. If you are reading from South Dakota, please contact your state representative and voice your support for this bill.

You can Read the most recent draft of SB 68 here.


PAVE Invites you to our 2nd Annual Criminal Justice Training, Baton Rouge Louisiana

Register Today!

Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence: A Multidisciplinary & Collaborative Approach

Louisiana state seal

Tuesday March 6, 2012
8:30am – 4:30pm
Louisana State Police Training Academy; Baton Rouge

Free training for public sector; $100 for CLE
Seating is limited; 5.75hrs CLE Credit*
*Credit approval pending

Click Here to Register Now

Col. Mike Edmansun invites you to join him and other criminal justice leaders from across Louisiana in this multidisciplinary training to address many of the complex issues and perspectives surrounding sexual violence. Due to feedback from last year, this training will have a focus on sex offenders, prevention and offender management.

Speakers include:

- Angela Rose, PAVE Executive Director & nationally acclaimed educator on sexual violence

- Niki Bird, PAVE Policy Director & national speaker, survivor and advocate

- James “Jimmy” Le Blanc, Secretary, LA Department  of Public Safety and Corrections

- Walter Leger III, LA Speaker Pro Tempore

- Col Mike Edmanson

Click Here to Download the Event Flyer