DC Networking Event in Georgetown!

Nick’s in Georgetown on the Waterfront

June, 19, 2014 – 5-8pm

CRE’s 13 year celebration party sponsored by HOAR Construction and Nick’s.

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Join us for professional networking, a raffle, and surprise special guests! Pre-order VIP tickets for a special price of only $50 which includes a drink ticket, a raffle ticket, food sponsored by Nick’s and an autographed book from PAVE Founder Angela Rose, seen on the Oprah Winfrey Network, CNN and Today Show. Click here for more info on her book.  VIP TICKETS HERE….


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MARY AMONS - Cast Member of The Real Housewives of DC at BRAVO and Owner at Mary Amons Design

GILDA ESPERANZA – Philanthropist and Miss DC Latina

PAVE Ambassador Shatters the Silence of Pastoral Abuse!

Set to song I’m Movin’ On by Rascal Flatts, PAVE Ambassador Samantha Beach gives us a look at how she overcame pastoral abuse and some facts on abuse within the church.

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The Binding Project at Pace University!

PACE Binding Project 1A wonderful report on the Binding Project from PACE University Students:

Pace University- Binding Project, 2/22 & 2/29
Kessel Student Center

“Students [at PACE University] took action by participating in the binding project to spread awareness about violence perpetrated against men and women.

The binding project is a project that’s a part of Angela Rose’s non-profit organization, PAVE. We use this project as a platform to share her story about how she turned her experience as a survivor of sexual violence, into activism. Angela speaks out about sexual violence and the way in which it affects victims worldwide. Students wrote words that they felt like empowered them, on a zip tie. They wore the ties for two days in unity, for the same amount of time that Angela was tied using the material, when she was kidnapped at age 17.”

Check out these great pics from the event!

PACE Binding Project 3PACE Binding Project 5

Interested in doing the binding project on your campus or in your community? If so, read more about the binding project here, or click here to purchase now.

Arts for Awareness:”A Mutual Onus” Premieres Across the Country!

Cathy Foxhoven

PAVE partner and AAUW organizer Cathy Foxhoven has written a wonderful play, A Mutual Onus to help raise awareness and Shatter the Silence. A Mutual Onus is a compilation of monologues about real women and their continued suffering in developing countries as well as here in the United States. The play premieres tonight, Saturday March 10th in Burlingame, California AND is also available for YOU to purchase and perform on your high school or college campus or in your community. Proceeds from the sale go to benefit PAVE. Please read the article below  from Cathy Foxhoven about how you can get involved in A Mutual Onus:

What is a mutual onus? The definition of onus is a burden or an obligation — a duty. Mutual means shared.

One of my dear friends from AAUW, Diane Silven, gave me a copy of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide for Christmas two years ago. I began reading it and found it so disturbing that I couldn’t read it at night — it was hard to sleep. I could only read it while traveling on Caltrain to teach in San Francisco.

The stories of global women’s issues were so powerful, and once I finished the book, I knew that I couldn’t ignore their plight. I had to do more than make a donation. I had to tell those stories in the only way I could — through the power of theater. It became an onus, and I needed to share this responsibility with others.

A Mutual Onus is a compilation of monologues about real women and their continued suffering in developing countries as well as here in the United States. You might recognize their stories from news sources — only the names have been changed to protect the subjects’ identities.

It is hard to imagine that such cruelty could be inflicted upon anyone, but there is hope and help because of international outcries.

You have the opportunity to help these women and girls by seeing this production live on March 10 at 1 p.m. at the Burlingame Library in Burlingame, California, or on April 20 at 7 p.m. at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. No advance tickets are necessary. There is a suggested donation of $10.

The play is available for other AAUW branches to perform — in exchange for donations to two organizations that are helping give these women hope and a future: 34 Million Friends, which provides maternal health care, and Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment, which raises awareness that we don’t need to suffer silently when we have been sexually violated. We hope that you will generously support the work of these groups.

This post was written by Cathy Foxhoven, AAUW of California program director. Foxhoven has more than 35 years of experience as a professional actor and singer in films, prime time television, soap operas (The Young and the Restless), commercials, voiceovers, radio dramas, print work, and theatre in California, Colorado, Nevada, and Ohio. She is currently a professor at Academy of Arts University in the Motion Pictures and Television Department.

PAVE Welcomes SCOPE as a New Affiliate

SCOPE Logo PAVE would like to give a warm welcome to SCOPE: School and College Organization for Prevention Organizers to PAVE’s Affiliate program.

SCOPE is the professional home for those whose mission is to empower primary prevention within schools, colleges and communities. SCOPE an independent, not-for-profit membership association for prevention educators and professionals. SCOPE embraces an ecological, inclusive, holistic, feminist, public health, evidence-based and multi-disciplinary vision of prevention.

To effectively promote the aims of the prevention community, SCOPE members deeply examine the causes of violence, health and safety risks within society — including hate, intolerance, apathy, gender bias, racism, homophobia, stigmatization of mental health, objectification of the human body, ignorance, predation and discrimination — to foster effective, interconnected, strategic prevention.

If you’re organization falls within this SCOPE, we highly suggest you attend SCOPE’s 2012 Annual Conference, October 18-20 in Orland, Florida or check out their Spring Webinar Series.

Wear Your PJs to Shatter the Silence of Sexual Violence!

PAVE Ambassador Pepper Miller Shatters The Silence with Pajamas

Leandra Pepper Krueger

Pepper Miller

And now YOU can too!

Passionate about being a voice for those who have been silenced by abuse, Pepper speaks out openly about her own personal story of sexual abuse, endured at the hands of her own trusted doctor. This is now her cause, her platform.

On Valentine’s Day 2006 Pepper was drugged and sexually assaulted by her OB/GYN. After speaking out and pressing charges, detectives were able to back track assaults, perpetrated by the Doctor, almost 23 years. Many were silenced!


With a successful conviction, Pepper is now determined to give a voice, and a face, to this far too often “silent crime.” The defense side in her case, claims the assault was “enticed” due to the fact that Pepper wore PJ’s to the appointment. They have even threatened to “expose” the fact that she wore PJ’s to the appointment if she ever speaks out publicly again. Because of this, Leandra will now be speaking out publicly in her PJ’s, to shatter that myth that victims are in any way responsible for
crimes committed against them.This is not to be antagonistic but rather to educate. A visual if u will because ABUSE IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE.


With April being Sexual Assault Awareness month, Pepper will be speaking out once again publicly, Shattering the Silence! Lets all PAVE the way and take action now! It is simple! Show your support by wearing ‘PJ’s For Pepper!’ and accessorize with a Heart. Take a picture of yourself in your PJs and send them to Pepper to show your support!

In conjunction with the fact that her assault happened on Valentines’s Day, the heart [♥] will represent love…. Because love conquers all!
Would you be willing to help raise the volume and
get involved? Maybe your family? maybe your company? Pepper would like to share pictures in her powerpoint presentation, of different supporters Nationwide, willing to raise the volume on this far too often silent crime. She will be sharing pictures of individuals, companies, and families around the US, in their PJ’s, sharing encouraging, powerful, or inspirational quotes.

Get involved and show your PJ’s = Pride in Justice!!!

Please share what city and state you are from as well. Your name is optional.

PJ Pictures can be sent to



PAVE Welcomes Protect Our Defenders as Our Newest Affiliate

A Spotlight on Protect Our Defenders

PAVE would like to give a warm welcome to Protect Our Defenders as our newest Affiliate organization. Protect Our Defenders is a human rights organization that honors, supports and gives voices to the brave women and men in uniform who have been raped or sexually assaulted by fellow service members. They seek to fix the military training, investigation and adjudication systems related to sexual violence and harassment — systems that often re-victimize assault survivors by blaming them while failing to prosecute perpetrators. Check out this great video to learn more about Protect Our Defenders.


Click here to join Protect Our Defender for their latest campaign! Tell Fox News: Fire Liz Trotta, who said women in uniform should “expect” to be raped and issue an apology to all America Female Military Personnel.

PAVE and Protect Our Defenders will also be joining forces this April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Keep an eye out for our SAAM Tool-kit with a special feature for campus ROTC and Veterans organizations.


National Sexual Violence Resource Center Releases Resources for SAAM 2012

SAAM LogoHello PAVE Community,Chapters and Affiliates,

As we gear up for Sexual Assault Awareness month this April, please check out The National Sexual Violence Resource Center who has recently released its resources for Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2012.  This year’s resources focus on healthy sexuality and provide a wonderful discussion of gender norms and are useful far beyond SAAM. Please click the link above to visit their resources site and utilize this wonderful information in your school, community or even in your own home.

Check Out the Great Work at UW Madison PAVE!

UW Madison PAVE Staff

UW Madison PAVE Staff

PAVE’s Founding Chapter at UW Madison is really shaking things up! Read the following articles about their great work:

Help Exists for Domestic Abuse Victims

UW Madison PAVE Teaches abuse survivors how to get the help they need.

PAVE Action against A new bill promoting abstinence education in Wisconsin

Way to Shatter the Silence UW Madison PAVE!

PAVE Affiliate Spotlight: MaleSurvivor


MaleSurvivor is a PAVE Affiliate which provides male survivors with a safe and comfortable environment to join others in lifting the veil of secrecy and shame from their experience. Their new program, Dare to Dream, features clips from Emmy-nominated “The Oprah Winfrey Show” segments, a facilitated panel discussion, and an opportunity to learn about local resources and support groups.


Order the award-winning DVD “Boys and Men Healing” that was featured on Oprah:

DVD Prices