Presenting PAVE and Security on Campus’ Mobile Application to Shatter the Silence!

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PAVE's Mobile Application, coming soon

The mission of PAVE and Security on Campus’ Shatter the Silence! mobile application is to not only Shatter the Silence! that shrouds survivors of sexual and dating violence, but also to prevent this violence from occurring by quipping users with knowledge, skills and services through interactive multimedia tools. PAVE and SOC have just submitted this mobile application into Vice President Joe Biden’s Apps Against Abuse Challenge. Please note that this is just the prototype. Most of the content has not yet been added, but the description below outlines what the finished product will look like.

Click here to preview PAVE and SOC’s mobile application to Shatter the Silence!

PAVE is a national nonprofit that works to shatter the silence of sexual violence. With over 35 chapters and affiliates, PAVE’s work has been featured on CNN, the Today Show and in TIME. For this mobile application titled “Shatter the Silence”,  PAVE has partnered with Security on Campus, which is  a leading national nonprofit geared to the prevention of college and university campus crime, and crime victim assistance.  PAVE and Security on Campus came together for the September 2011 “Safe Campus, Strong Voices” Campaign, which focused on victim empowerment, prevention, bystander intervention, and providing tangible tools for both men and women on over 30 college campuses to work together to create a safer campus, free from sexual and dating violence.
PAVE and SOC’s mobile application to Shatter the Silence of Sexual and Dating Violence, is multifunctional. The application allows us to provide not only emergency assistance, but also a complete learning center to educate users about the issues involved in sexual and dating violence. It also connects users to PAVE and SOC’s websites for up to date news feed and featured articles about the issues. Additionally there is a college campus specific information and resource hub where users can read, listen to and watch survivor testimonies to learn how others recover from the trauma of violence. This module also gives users the chance to upload and share their own experiences with violence.


Specifically, Shatter The Silence features a “one click” approach to emergency services, where people experiencing a threatening situation can access through the click of a button 911 services, the RAINN Hotline to get immediate support from trained violence intervention specialists who can also connect them to local advocate services, the National Domestic Violence Hotline,  and a help feature that sends a pre-programmed message with your time and location to pre-designated contacts. Along these same lines, PAVE and SOC have partnered with Glympse to incorporate geolocation functionality so users can “Share their Where” in potentially dangerous situations with trusted friends and family.

It is important to note that all of the call features on the application can be accessed with TTY so that any hearing impaired users will be able to access support services.

Learning Center

In addition to emergency services, the application provides a learning center to educate users about different aspects of sexual and dating violence. First it encourages users to review the myths, facts and statistics to help them realize how many people are effected by sexual violence. Then it provides a section on how to be prepared, to know your risks and threats and how to protect yourself against them. The Be Prepared section incorporates the Glympse functionality and includes information about alcohol related sexual violence.

Next the learn section provides a check list for survivors about what they should to after an assault,  how they should seek help, and a discussion of what it looks like to report an incident of sexual violence. This check list will be duplicated in the emergency section, and also includes links to the RAINN hot line.

Another important aspect of the learning center teaches users how to support a survivor if one should disclose to them. It is proven that how the first person a survivor discloses to reacts will greatly affect their healing process. This module of the learning center equips users with skills to help users provide a safe space for survivors. The module includes a straightforward video PSA that PAVE created for America’s Most Wanted online “Safety Center.”

Additionally, the Learning Center uses interactive quizzes and multi-media educational tools to teach users how to engage in bystander intervention and how alcohol and drugs exacerbate the prevalence of sexual and dating violence. The interactive quizzes are a teaching tool to help users assess how much they know about the issue of sexual and dating violence and also ascertain whether or not they have been assaulted, because often times a victim has a hard time understanding what has happened to them. Additionally there is a quiz through which to evaluate the health of your own dating relationship.

The learning center uses audio, video and text to disseminate the information so that all kids of learners and users will be able to get the most information as possible.
Also, Given the gravity of the information provided in the Shatter The Silence application, there will be  an icon at the top right of every page of the application to disguise the screen and protect the users autonomy when in public.

Shatter the Silence: Survivor Testimony and Sharing Center

Part of PAVE’s mission is to encourage survivors of sexual and dating violence to speak up and speak out about their assaults. Sharing their stories not only unites and empowers survivors everywhere to know that they are not alone, but it also helps the individuals healing process by giving them a voice to take charge and help prevent violence from happening to others. The Survivor Testimony section includes written, audio and video testimony from individuals throughout the country that have a story to tell. PAVE Founder Angela Rose even shares her own story here. Testimony is not just in the form of story sharing. Survivors often share poetry, music, art and video they have created as an outlet for dealing with their traumatic experiences. There is also an opportunity to listen to the inspiring prose of renowned slam poet Steve Connell and the music of award winning actress Angelica Page, who have both shared their voice through the art of sound and word.

The Survivor Testimony module is interactive. Not only can users watch, read and listen to other’s testimonies, they can share their own story but uploading an audio, written or video testimony. This section also offers a community forum through the that allows users to discuss the testimonies or any issues of sexual violence in an open forum. The forum will be moderated by PAVE and SOC so as to prevent any malicious or triggering content.

PAVE Today

The PAVE Today module connects users to PAVE’s interactive up to date website. The module connects to PAVE’s social media streams from Twitter and Facebook so users have the opportunity to get action alerts for things like signing a petition or getting involved in arts based poster or post card campaign. They also get PAVE’s newsfeed which boasts several articles a week discussing current events in the sexual violence prevention world, such as new techniques, breakthroughs, and legal battles being faced by survivors. Access to the website allows users to access even more content for learning how to prevent sexual and dating violence.

Security on Campus

The Security on Campus module similarly connects users to SOC’s website. However, it also provides college aged students with information about their rights on campus. Sexual and dating violence is even more prevalent on college campuses. This module starts the discussion about what that is and provides specified preventative information for tailored to the college demographic.

Get Involved

The last module the Shatter the Silence mobile application is the Get Involved section (this section has not as of the date of submission been built into the prototype). The Get Involved module lets users know how they can teach others how to prevent sexual violence. This section recapitulates other sections, like the sharing and uploading their own testimony and getting involved in the blogfrog community forum, but also teaches college students how to start a sexual and dating violence prevention student organization on their campus and teaches users how to do interactive arts based awareness campaigns in their communities.


Finally the Shatter the Silence application will be continually updated with the most up to date, professionally vetted information and prevention techniques. As social media functionality expands, so will the app. Both PAVE and SOC are committed to popularizing the app so it reaches as many potential users as possible.  Both PAVE and SOC have regular speaking engagements on college campuses that reach as many as 2000 students in a single meeting. Additionally we plan to network through our chapters and affiliate organizations, at our many conference appearances, our websites and social media outlets. This easy to use, interactive application will do wonders to educate Americans, especially those that are in the target, college aged, population, to prevent sexual and dating violence from occurring in their own lives and the lives of others. Please vote for PAVE and Security on Campus’ mobile application to Shatter the Silence of sexual and dating violence!


Introducing “My Stories”: Sharing Your Story to Shatter the Silence!

Shatter the Silence Being a victim of sexual or dating violence can be extremely isolating. We live in a culture where we are taught to suffer in silence. Abuse is simply not talked about. Even though 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will become a victim of sexual violence over the course of their lifetime, the silence survivors are beholden to makes this statistic shocking to those who hear it for the first time. PAVE’s mission is to shatter this silence and to avail to the world how prevalent sexual and dating violence is in our culture. This is the only way we are going to get policy makers from elementary schools to our congressional representatives to make the institutional changes that will help lead to societal progress.

To Shatter the Silence PAVE emphasizes sharing your story of how you personally have been effected my sexual and dating violence during your lifetime. Everywhere we go, when we teach a class of peer educators, or talk about consent with fraternity men, we share our stories to break down the isolation that survivors often feel. Sharing our stories, lets others who have not found their voice realize that they are not alone.

Time and time again when PAVE is out there, sharing our story and teaching others to share, we are approached by brave men and women (who have been shrouded in silence and shame, sometimes for years) who choose to share their stories with us for the first time. This post marks the first of what is to be many stories from these remarkable women and men we encounter.

My Story: Megan – college student

“I dated this guy for over four years. Thought I would marry him high school sweetheart style. From what I remember in high school, we had a good healthy relationship, had fun and were happy. We decided to stay together in college but go to separate schools. And that’s where we took a turn for the worse. I convinced myself that I was happy, I convinced everyone that I was happy. But in reality we fought every night late into the night. He was jealous of me hanging out with friends and family. He had to make sure I texted him 24/7. I wasn’t allowed to party without him (so never). I wasn’t allowed to talk to other men. And each time I rationalized that it was just because he loved me and cared about me and wanted me to be safe. He had cheated on me, lied to me, forced me to have sex when I did not want to and each time told me that if I broke up with him it would ruin his life, and each time he said he wouldn’t do it again and I believed him. I tried so hard to be perfect, I thought I did everything a good girlfriend should, everyone thought we had the perfect relationship, and I wanted more than anything to keep it that way. Enough so that I just ignored the warning signs.
My friends and my family tried hard to tell me, show me, point out the flaws…but I refused to acknowledge them, my relationship was perfect, that was my mask. My mother was the most worried. She told me that when I was home with just the family I was myself, the bubbly, happy, outgoing Megan she knew and loved, but when he was over I became a shell, I did not act myself because he would disprove of my silliness and outgoing tendencies. Then sophomore year rolled around. We were fighting worse, I has suspicion I was being cheated on again. I was contemplating that maybe we should break up or take a break, but I knew I would probably never go through with it. Then I went to this presentation, PAVE. As I sat there listening, my head started turning, thinking, comparing. Then the slides with the healthy and unhealthy relationship traits came on the screen. I noticed that not one thing on the healthy relationship side I had. We did not trust one another, I wasn’t really happy, there wasn’t much affection, the list went on. I was never physically abused but the emotional toll was worse. It finally clicked that what I was living in was not something to be proud of or to stay in. It still took me a month or so to finally find the courage to break up with him. He was brutal during it. Called me horrid names, said I was killing him, ruining his life, etc. I finally saw the true total person I had been dating, the horrible abusive angry side finally flowed all out instead of just dripping into me like an IV.
It still took another month for me to finally rid of him. To get him to stop texting and facebooking me. The emotional tolls still followed me though. For the healing I have my friends and my now boyfriend…best friend…to thank. They taught me to be happy. To be myself, and to love myself and to be loved by others because I was myself. The guy I am dating now has helped me overcome the constant need to please, the need to be perfect, the need to give myself even when I don’t want to. One of the first times he wanted to have sex, he asked if I wanted it, I never said no, I did not know how to say no, but he must have seen the look in my eyes, and immediately said “you know, not tonight, only when you want it.” I looked at him and cried tears of happiness; someone had heard me without me using my voice which I still could not find at that point. He and my friends helped me find my voice again, shatter my silence, and reacquaint me with what someone in a healthy relationship felt and had entitlement to. It has been a long road, with lots of bumps along the way, but I thank my lucky stars everyday for the friends I have and the love they have given me.”

Do you have a story to share? If so, please e-mail with the subject line “My Story.”

Boys and Men Healing from Sexual Abuse

Studies show that 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18 (CDC). Many men suffer in silence due to a perceived threat to masculinity, shame, and a severe lack of support for male victims of sexual abuse. PAVE is forging relationships with the groups Male Survivor, 1in6, The Guys Project and Big Voice Pictures to help shatter the silence of sexual violence against men and boys.

Male Survivor is a PAVE Affiliate who is committed to preventing, healing, and eliminating all forms of sexual victimization of boys and men through support, treatment, research, education, advocacy, and activism. See their new PSA and campaign “Dare to Dream” by [clicking here].

Boys and Men Healing is a documentary about the impact the sexual abuse of boys has on both the individual and society, and the importance of healing and speaking out for male survivors to end the devastating effects. The film portrays courageous non-offending men whose arduous healing helped them reclaim their lives—while giving them a powerful voice to speak out, and take bold action toward prevention for other boys. Boys and Men Healing is produced in association with the International Documentary Association. [click here]

1 in 6 has an important mission – to help men who have had unwanted or abusive sexual experiences in childhood live healthier, happier lives. This includes providing resources for people who care about them. They recently released a PSA featuring Harrison Ford. [click here]

The Guys Project was started by long-time PAVE Supporter Gabe Wright, who is an outspoken male survivor. Gabe has worked with PAVE to shatter the silence of sexual violence in the deaf and hard of hearing communities as well.

Order the award-winning DVD “Boys and Men Healing.” Film participant Tony Rogers was featured on Oprah after her staff viewed this incredible documentary.


DVD Prices

Safe Campus, Strong Voices Campaign



Please continue to check back, The Safe Campus Strong Voices Campaign is ongoing. We are gearing up for new programs and projects – we will post them here as soon as they are ready for you to implement on your camps!




Security on Campus (SOC) and PAVE: Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment have come together for the launch of the Safe Campus, Strong Voices Campaign -a national initiative for National Campus Safety Awareness Month in September to raise awareness and increase advocacy on the issue of college sexual violence and the vast amount of under-reported cases as well as the injustices that many survivors face. The “Safe Campus, Strong Voices” Campaign will focus on victim empowerment, prevention, bystander intervention, and provide tangible tools for both men and women to work together to create a safer campus, raising awareness and engaging to shatter the silence of campus sexual violence.

Please vist the Safe Campus, Strong Voices Campaign site to learn more.

Arts for Awareness

PAVE is hosting a series of Arts for Awareness events across the country including New York, Virginia, and Texas. Combining artists, musicians, advocates and poets, these events can bring a sense of community and empowerment when shattering the silence of sexual violence. PAVE features creative events to engage people in dialogue on the issue of violence and provides an artistic voice to survivors as a means of healing.

Learn more about PAVE’s use of art to shatter the silence, watch a clip of the interactive art empowerment campaign The Binding Project.